Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Morning

It is raining like crazy. It woke me up about an hour ago. I was really hoping to sleep in a little bit. I'm not excited to get out in it to go to church.

Kim got here around 2 pm yesterday afternoon to borrow some teapots. She had a friend with her. She chose about 6 of them. She was having a hard time picking, there are some really cute ones. I'll have to take a picture of them and put them on here.

After they left, we went down to Oto's Marketplace. I think I've mentioned this store before. It's a Japanese grocery store down in the south portion of Sacramento. The daughter of the family that own the store and I worked together. Florence is a probation officer with Sacramento County. On the weekends she works in the store. She was there and got to visit with her a little bit. The store carries a lot of products from Hawaii. I looked to see if they carried any of the goodies like my friend Jalna sent me from Hawaii, they don't. They do carry some of the Korean type nori and we got some more. We are really enjoying the packages Jalna sent in her goodies box. I mainly needed to get some rice and another bottle of Aloha Shoyu. Well, we got that and a whole lot more. Gerry couldn't believe the total bill!!! The cashier even went over it to make sure it was correct. It was!! We get carried away when we go down there. We also got a couple of bento boxes for dinner.

Sacramento County is facing some really serious cutbacks. I asked Florence about her job. She said their department is on the chopping block. She is assigned to Adult Drug Court. A lot of the PO's have been reassigned to Juvenile Hall already and eventually will be demoted, even those with lots of years of seniority. There was an article in the paper last week regarding the District Attorney's office. The DA's budget is drastically being reduced and as a result, some crimes will not be investigated much less prosecuted. Certain units in the DA's office will be completely eliminated.

I read on my MSN home page this morning that a saw mill is being closed up in northern California and 155 people will lose their jobs Monday morning. There will be no end to all of this for quite some time. To those who read my blog and still have jobs, I hope your jobs are secure for now. If you are out of work, I am so sorry to hear it. Kim's husband lost his job and he is staying home right now taking care of their baby while Kim works. She works for Kaiser.

Well, I am going to get some breakfast. Have a great Sunday!


  1. I guess I shouldn't fret so much about losing my retirement money. At least I still have a job. Glad you're enjoying the goodies!

  2. I'm glad I retired when I did although its hard not having the income. I haven't talked to anyone I worked with at the courts to see how the courts are doing. I know my former supervisor retired the first of the year and her position hasn't been filled.