Friday, September 9, 2011

My First Crochet Project

A few weeks ago I decided to teach myself to crochet. I love the crochet flowers that are used on card projects. So I decided I would learn to make them. I bought some yarn and a couple of needles and watched lots of You Tube videos. It looked easy enough and so I decided to try making one. Well, it was beyond frustration. I just couldn't do it.

Several of our family members crochet including Denise and my sister Nani. My sister told me to get Clove needles, that would be more comfortable to use. Denise told me to get 100% acrylic, worsted yarn. I had gotten a Size H Clove needle and that was ok. I decided to give up on the flowers and try making a simple dishcloth. I found a begineer video and watched it several times. It was just chaining and then single crochet.

Unfortunately, I had to take it apart twice and on my third try, it seemed to be going together a lot better.

So here is my finished project. I actually made it a little bigger than what the instructions on the YouTube said. There are still some booboos in it, however, it looks like some others that I have. I even put a border on it by single crocheting all around it. That covered up some of the rough endings on some of the rows.

I even did 3 single crochets at each corner for some extra detail.

I found a blanket tutorial on You Tube that looks easy...the demonstrator even said it was suited for a beginner project. It uses a huge needle which I got today and 2 strands of yarn. So I will give it a try and see what happens.

The dishcloth is now in the dishtowel drawer in the kitchen along with the others that I have either bought on Etsy or Denise made for me. I have 3 that Becca (my granddaughter-in-law) made and I bought from her. Now I can make my own when the others wear out.

There certainly is a nice feeling of accomplishment to try something for the first time and have it turn out. I made another placemat purse the other day. I put the other placemats away for now, I'll do them up sometime later.

My sister Nani was going to look for some Hawaiian print material that would be nice enough to make a baby quilt. She is suppose to let me know what she finds, then I will send her some money to get the material for me. I'd like to do one for Chayse...I got to thinking about the Hawaiian quilts Denise had when she was a baby and thought it would be nice for Chayse to have one. Denise's quilts were still in good shape to use when Rebekah was a baby. Denise also has a quilt that my mother handquilted for her. I asked her in June if she still had it and she said yes.

It is very warm here tonight. I turned the A/C off (9:26pm) and have the windows opened up. Thunderstorms and lightning are expected in the foothills and mountains for the next few days. We may get some of it down here in the valley. That kind of weather is a sure thing for fires.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sewing Projects

While I was at Denise's in June, we watched numerous "YouTube" quilting videos. Denise has recently started quilting. Watching all those videos got me interested in doing some sewing again. It has been at least 25 years since I've done any sewing. I decided to start with some simple projects.

So I started with making placemat purses. I saw a "YouTube" to make clutch purses out of a placemat. This is the first one I made. I also saw a few videos to make different kinds of flowers. This blue flower was made from was so "duh" I can use these on my cards too. I put a button in the middle of this one.

I used this clutch a couple of times and it actually holds quite a bit and is comfortable to carry. I used velcro strip on the inside of the flap to keep it closed. Here's another one. I really like this one...the pattern on the placemat is kind of Asian looking. I used an ivory Chinese frog as an embellishment on the flap.

I've had this placemat for several years. I had a matching napkin too so I used it on the inside. It has black web handles. Cute story about this Hawaii blogger friend, Jalna, was crocheting a couple of baby beanies for me that I was going to send to Chayse. I emailed her pictures of what I was working on and when she saw the picture of this tote bag...she told me she wanted it...she would trade the beanies for this bag. I had plans to use it which she didn't have a problem with it so I got to use it once. It was not the neatest job...she didn't care. Jalna also wanted some cards...since I have them coming out of my ears from all the card swaps I do, I sent her a lot along with the bag. I don't know if she has gotten the bag was to arrive on Saturday.

I also had 3 pieces of fabric that I had bought before I retired. I was going to make some summer skirts with them. Well, the package got put in my closet never to be seen again until I went hunting. So I made three skirts...they are real simple with elastic waists. This one is a lavendar print.

A pink one...there are tiny white flowers woven in the fabric.

This one is a sage green with tiny flowers...different shades of pink. This was the first one I made and it is a little too full...I should have not used all the fabric. Lesson learned... Since I enjoyed making the placemat purses, I decided to make some more. This placemat is red...kind of has a shiny finish to it.

Fern and palm branches.

See how much this next one cost...$1.79...on clearance at Kohl's.

Here's the placemat...another Asian looking one.

These next 3 I got at Walmart...$3 each. I'm going to use some jumbo rickrack to embellish them.

And here's the project I made today. This fabric is a patchwork pattern...the colors are burnt orange, dusky blue, brown, orange, yellow daisies and beige. I used a different fabric for the inside and the strapes. I am so pleased at the way it came out...a simple, easy tote favorite kind of purse to use. Its pretty small...the measurements are 10" across the top, 9" tall and 8.75" across the bottom. The straps are 9". I have some fabric left if someone wants one. :)

The other side of it...

The lining...a stripe pattern with the dusky blue, burnt orange and brown. I made the straps from this fabric too.

I found these next two placemats at Penney's on clearance...they are part of the Chris Madden line. This one is a tapstery...very elegant looking....browns, black and beige...

I took these pictures on my oak dining room table and forgot I had turned off the flash. It all looks yellowish ... sorry! This one is chenelle in red with ivory and gold trim. Another elegant looking one.

The medallions in the middle of the first mat.

I am enjoying so much sewing again...even if they are simple, quick projects. I still want to attempt to make a baby quilt. I remembered that when Denise was a baby, she had 2 quilts that were from Hawaii and had an island theme.

I was talking to my older sister, Nani, the other night and mentioned to her about trying to make a quilt. She is going to look for fabric for me and let me know how much it would cost. She belongs to a craft group and they have made some simple quilts. So I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do. It will be for Chayse.

I'm trying to teach myself to crochet also...not doing too well at it so far. Except that last night I watched several videos and I think I figured out what I was doing wrong...I am doing a chain and then single nothing complicated. I wanted to sew today so I put the crocheting aside for later.

So that's what I've been doing lately...enjoying myself so much!!

More Pictures of Chayse

I downloaded these pictures off of Facebook...

This one brought tears to my eyes...grandmother holding her granddaughter for the first sweet! I wrote on Facebook..."there are no words to describe holding a grandchild for the first time" is pure joy!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet 1st Great Grandchild/Granddaughter

Chayse Katherine

September 2, 2011

Born 1:57 pm, EDT, in Fayetteville, NC

8.6 lbs, 20 inches long

We are excited to welcome the newest member to our family. Baby Chayse was not due until Monday, September 5th. She obviously did not want to wait that long and made her appearance this afternoon in Fayetteville, NC.

She is a beautiful baby with lots of dark hair. Mom, Dad and baby are doing well.

Congratulations to Nathan and Megan...Stephen and Denise...Megan's parents...and a very special welcome to Chayse Katherine...we are all so blessed!!