Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ft Worth, TX

The I-30 cutoff to Ft. Worth. Keith, our son who lives in Ft. Worth, called before we got to Abilene to see where we were. We told him we were stopping in Abilene for breakfast. He wanted us to call him when we got to Weatherford and he was going to meet up with us somewhere on the interstate. Before we got to Weatherford he called again and wanted us to call him when we saw the exit for Aledo. We did call and he and Gerry talked on the phone as we drove along.

I didn't see him get on the interstate, however there he was in front of us. I heard Gerry say something about "is that you in the right hand lane in the black pickup"? And sure enough there he was. We were in the middle lane and changed lanes to get behind him. I took a picture soon as Gerry told me he was in front of us.
We are getting closer to him.
The exit off the interstate to get to our hotel. It is on University Avenue.

Stopped at a light right behind him. The flag up ahead is at the hotel where we are staying.

We stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott's. We had a lovely studio room. I meant to take some pictures, however didn't get it done. We had a living room area with a sofa, chair and fireplace. The sofa was a sleeper sofa. A queen size bed was at the back of the room. The vanity area and bathroom was around the corner from the main room. We had a fully equipped kitchen with electric stove, full refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, dishes, cooking items, etc. Everything that would be needed to fix a meal.
There was a work center where we could both set up our laptops to use. There was a full breakfast every morning and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings they serve a light dinner. It is a get acquainted time to meet and mingle with the other guests. It was like living in an apartment building. I was able to do some laundry while there.
We were spoiled staying there, it was very comfortable and enjoyed being there.
After we got the car unpacked we went to a stamp store that Keith had found on the internet. He told Gerry about it and I looked at their website. The owner is retiring and was having a huge sale. We parked by the stamp store and I went shopping while Gerry and Keith walked around the corner to a bike shop. He had forgotten his rearview mirror he wears on his dark glasses and wanted to get another one. They got back before I was done so hung out for a few minutes while I finished up. Everything in the store was 40% off. I got several ink stamp pads that cost around $8 or more at home, 5 yards each of several different kinds of ribbon, and a couple of stamps. Although a lot was picked over, there was still quite a bit of merchandise left.


  1. 40% OFF!! That's my kind of sale!

  2. I know, huh. I could have spent a lot more, hahahaha, than I did. She said this next week she was marking everything down 50% off. She plans to close by the end of May.