Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japanese Tea Garden, Ft. Worth Botantical Gardens

Gerry and Keith got back from their bike ride around 3 pm on Saturday, 5/23. Keith went home to get cleaned up and after he got back we went to the Japanese Tea Garden located in the Ft. Worth Botantical Gardens.

Right after we got there we had some rain which lasted just a few minutes.

As we walked through the gardens, I thought of my Hawaii blogger friends, Jalna, Les and Erick. I saw several people with some serious looking camera equipment and thought Jalna, Les and Erick would have enjoyed the photo ops.

This was so interesting. There were some patterns that had been racked in the sand.

I love squirrels! And yes, I do know that they are rodents and can cause a lot of problems. :) Here was one sitting in this tree.

These are very strange looking rock formations along side the edge of the koi pond.
A tea house.
The other side of the tea house.

A close up of the rock formations.
The koi were so beautiful and huge. There were dispensers of fish food located in different spots around the pond. For a quarter, you got a handful. At this spot, the koi gathered expecting to get fed.

Some koi are congregated up against the rocks under the waterfall.

A beautiful magnolia blossom. They smell so good.

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  1. You're right we would all probably love it in the garden. Looks like there were so many different things to photograph. On a trip that we went on long ago with my son's baseball team a group of boys were teasing a squirrel. It scurried up a pine tree and then started hurling little pinecones down at us. It was hilarious.