Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hoffbrau Steakhouse

Hoffbrau Steak House is right across the street from The Residence Inn. This is where we had dinner Thursday evening. Nathalie, Keith's oldest daughter met us there.

Here is the front of the menu.

I had a rib eye steak cooked medium rare and rice pilaf. The steak was fantastic, very tender and melt-it-your-mouth yummy!!
The salads were fantastic too and huge. It could have been a complete meal in itself.
Gerry and Nathalie had the large portion of smoked sliced sirloin. Nathalie's was rare and Gerry's was medium rare. He had fried okra with his.
Here is Nathalie's. She had vegetables with hers.

And Keith got a sirloin steak (I think - I can't remember) cooked medium well and vegetables. Keith also ordered some deep fried pickles and deep fried jalapena peppers. I tasted some of the pickles. They were quite good!
Our son, Keith with Nathalie. She is also our oldest granddaughter/grandchild. She was in the midst of packing and left bright and early Saturday morning to move back to Tucson, AZ where she is entering a 14 month bachelors nursing program and then will get her RN. Keith's second daughter, Joy Lynn, lives in Austin.
Keith does not like to have his picture taken so this was quite an accomplishment on my part to be able to get this picture.
This meal was the first of all the fantastic meals we had while in Ft. Worth.

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