Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the Way to La Puente

Saturday afternoon on the way to Joyce's in La Puente. This is the off ramp from I-5 to I-210 heading east. Another off ramp, the first sign said Pasadena, this one says San Bernardino or west to Ventura.
Still following the freeway signs for I-210. The traffic is starting to back up in front of us. We didn't have any heavy traffic on I-5. The traffic is pretty heavy on I-210.
More signs pointing us towards I-210.

Little Emma Louise (her family calls her Emma Lou) enjoying a snack. Emma is 18 months old and Joyce's youngest daughter and our youngest granddaughter/grandchild. Emma has a very healthy appetite. She is eating something all the time and drinking. Joyce keeps several sippy cups with milk or juice in the refrigerator for the girls and Emma knows how to get one whenever she wants a drink. She only has 2 teeth and has started cutting a couple of her molars. She also has no words except for dada. Their pediatrician says there is nothing wrong with her, she is just taking her time in doing what an 18 month old child would be doing. She has no problem communicating what she wants or needs. It is absolutely adorable how she accomplishes that. It takes her a while to warm up to people unlike her older sister who is very friendly.

This is Gerry's nephew and his family. Left to right is Jackie holding Mackenzie (18 months), Ally (7) sitting next to her, Lucas (3) standing up, Raven (5) and Thad. Gerry's sister Susan and her husband Harold are in the background. Thad is Susan and Harold's youngest son. We met them for church on Sunday in Glendora where Thad is temporarily the minister of music while his older brother Nate and his family are in China.
Here is Kaitlyn Joy (4 years old), Emma's older sister. She is not camera shy in the least. She is wearing her 4th of July dress which Joyce says is her favorite dress right now.