Saturday, May 2, 2009

Granddad & Andy

This past Thursday Gerry brought Andy to our house after he picked him up from school. They went to WalMart first, had lunch and bought Andy a bicycle helmet so they could come ride the long bike together. These pictures are not the greatest (what else is new, LOL!). Gerry took a bike that son Jason gave him and extended the back portion out a little ways. There is a platform over the rear tire with saddle bags on each side. He can do errands with this bike. He also put some stoker handles under the seat for a passenger (like a grandchild). So, here they are going past our mobile.
I couldn't get any real good shots of them. They are on the side street coming towards our mobile.

Here they are coming down the side street. That's the carport side of our mobile on the left of the picture. There's no plants of any kind there because Gerry wants to extend the supports out so we have more room.
Andy had an absolute ball. Everytime they went by he had a huge grin on his face. They actually had time to go out for two rides before Jenni came by to pick him up.
While I was outside I decided to take a picture of my personalized license plates with my Kailua High Alumni license frame. Kaulele means "extraordinary", among others. LOL!!

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  1. What a great grandpa!! Makes me smile looking at your shots.