Monday, October 12, 2009

San Luis Obispo Trip

Sorry, I've been MIA. We had a great time in SLO. As I mentioned in my previous post, Gerry rode with the SLO bike club. They ended up in Avila Beach for coffee and then made their way back to SLO. After he got cleaned up, we went in search of lunch and a grocery store. We found a Japanese place and had a teriyaki chicken rice bowl. It was good, there just was a lot of it and I couldn't finish mine. We went to the Kitamura's Friday evening. Bob & Janice had catered some sandwiches from a local deli. Janice made a huge assorted fruit salad. She also got some pies from a local place, the pies are put together then have to be baked. She had apple and ollalieberry. The berry pie was excellent. Two of Bob's sisters were there also. Josh and Becca came over later. Becca's dad had a bad cold and her mom was tired so they didn't come over.

On Saturday morning after breakfast we drove down to Avila Beach. There was a walkathon going on so there was a lot of people down on the beach. We shopped in a few shops, I bought a Tshirt and then we stopped at the coffee shop where the SLO bike club goes to. Its called The Hula Hut and is right across from the beach. Very nice place.

Josh and Becca's reception was at 4 pm at the church where the Kitamura's attend. The church is on the south side of SLO, up on a hill. The rooftop can be seen from the freeway. The view around it is beautiful!! The reception was catered. There were appetizers first and then dinner was tri tip, bbq chicken, oven roasted potatoes, a mixture of vegetables that had been grilled, baked beans, green salad and then a sundae bar for dessert. There was punch, iced tea and water to drink.

We were introduced to Becca's parents and so enjoyed visiting with them, Francis and Brenda Pieprzyk. (Please don't ask me to pronounce their last name, I have no clue. I believe its Polish). In conversation with Brenda, she commented on the excellent job Stephen did performing the ceremony and how beautiful and gracious Denise is. I was happy with the compliments, I had been praying for my kids that whole day.

Sunday morning we all met back at the church, Mountainbrook Community, at 11 am for worship service. We enjoyed the service and noticed there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the sanctuary.

Later we met at the Apple Farm for lunch. The Apple Farm is right across the street from the La Cuesta where we were staying. It is quite a large complex which includes a hotel and a huge waterwheel. There's a gift shop down there along with one that is a part of the restaurant. I didn't think the food was as good as its been in the past.

After we ate, we all went over to Bob & Janice's. Most of Bob's family had gone home except for his sister and her husband that live in Portland. They were staying at the La Cuesta too. The family had met at the Apple Farm for breakfast. As we were finishing lunch, Bob's sister called and they came over.

Janice does several boutiques this time of year so after we got over to their house, she showed me some of the things she had made for the boutiques. She sews childrens clothing, knits; she also had some purses she made, aprons, kitchen towels. I love tote bags and she had one that I fell in love with. It is an autumn print. She wouldn't let me purchase it from her, insisted that I just take it. I love it and look forward to using it. I haven't taken a picture of it, I will and will have it on facebook.

Everyone started getting hungry so we ordered take out from Mo's BBQ which is downtown. Gerry and I shared a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw. It was outstanding. After a fantastic evening, we all said our goodbyes. Bob's sister and her husband had an early flight Monday morning for Portland, Josh was going to take Becca's parents sightseeing on Monday and we were going to drive down to Solvang.

Solvang is about an hour or so south of SLO. We found a parking spot very close to the windmill and walked around. We stopped at the Solvang Bakery and got some goodies. There are tons of bakeries and restaurants in Solvang. We stopped at one restaurant and had some lunch - well, Gerry had pancakes. I just had an egg salad sandwich with cole slaw. On the way back, we drove down to Pismo Beach and walked out on the pier. It was pretty cold walking out there. It was amazing to watch the pigeons, pelicans and other birds. They are so use to having people around that they don't fly off when you approach them. I got pretty close to a pelican to take its picture. We then drove through Shell Beach and parked along the beach and just enjoyed. It is so pretty down there.

For dinner that night we found a little tacqueria and had a very nice inexpensive dinner, cheese enchiladas for me and chile rellano plate for Gerry.

Tuesday morning we were heading home, we decided to walk across the street to the Apple Farm for breakfast. I think it was after 9 before we got on the road. We drove up 101 for a change and before we got to Salinas, there was a truck with 2 trailers and a load of onions that toppled over on its side. Surprisely enough the traffic flowed without any stops. When we got to San Jose we took 680 over to 580 and I-5 home. Got home just before 4 pm.

Josh gave me a DVD of the wedding. It was being played throughout the reception so before we left, he gave it to me. He had told me previously that he had it for me. I am so thankful to have it.

I enjoyed getting to know Becca a little, she is a lovely girl. It seems a little strange to say I have a granddaughter-in-law. I got the impression they want to start their family soon. It will be nice to have a great grandchild. :))

Here's a link to see the pictures I took:


Friday, October 2, 2009

San Luis Obispo, California

Greetings from SLO! We are arrived here yesterday afternoon about 1:30 pm. We didn't leave North Highlands until 7:15 am and made several stops along the way. The temps were in the 60's and 70's, however we had the warm morning sun shining through the front of the van, so it was pretty warm while driving.

We are staying at the La Cuesta Hotel. It is right off of Highway 101, in fact there is a freeway on and off ramp right here so we hear all the freeway traffic. Although, with the slider closed, it was pretty quiet. We have a double queen room. The pictures you see on the internet of the rooms are really deceiving. The room is not as big as it appeared in pictures on the hotel's website. Its okay, I sat out on the balcony yesterday for a little bit.

Last night Josh and Becca came up to the hotel, picked us up and we met his parents down at Farmers Market in downtown SLO. They close 4 or 5 blocks for the market. There are all kinds of farmers selling their fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, vendors selling all kinds of other stuff and then there are the food vendors. Josh's folks were standing in the line at McClintock's. They serve the best ribs and a whole lot of other stuff. The interaction between the people working the booth is quite entertaining. Gerry and I had a combo meal, with a pork rib, tri tip on a stick and a pork bundle which is the bottom part of the rib. It was all so good, Gerry got some beans. I brought some of my dinner back to the hotel. We sat out in front of a place that made and sold frozen fruit, which was like a slush. A girl came out with samples and so later Janice went in the store and bought some to bring back. I got a pint of the peach and ate some of it last night. It is so good, very refreshing. Bob & Janice had to leave early so Josh & Becca and us sat around for a little bit then made our way back up towards where the car was parked. It was very crowded by then. I stopped and got some really yummy grapes, don't remember the variety of them.

This morning Gerry is riding with the SLO Bike Club. Then tonight we are going over to the Kitamura's for dinner. Josh & Becca are driving down to Irvine to pick up Becca's parents that are flying in from Pennsylvania. They'll be back in time for dinner.

Well, I better go get myself ready and go downstairs for some breakfast.

Talk to you later! Have a great day!!