Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trinity River and Bike Trail

The Residence Inn backs up to the Trinity River which runs through Ft. Worth. There is also a bike trail along the river and across the river is Trinity Park. The Ft. Worth Zoo is located in the park.

Rather than drive over to Hoffbrau Steaks where we had dinner Thursday night, we walked over there using the bike trail. There is an entrance to the trail from the hotel parking lot.

This is one view of the bridge crossing the river.
A close up view of the bridge.

We've had dinner and are walking back to the hotel. Gerry and Nathalie are walking up front. Keith is walking slowly waiting on me. Remember I said he doesn't like his picture taken, he turned around when he saw me taking a picture of them. :))

A small portion of the park.

It was a beautiful evening, a little bit of a breeze, some humidity. As we stood out by the trail talking, several bike riders went whizzing by.

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  1. Very nice and peaceful feeling. I love the warm colors.