Saturday, May 23, 2009

KD's BBQ in Midland, TX

Gerry needed to stop at a bike shop to get a rear view mirror to wear on his sunglasses while on his bike. He thought he had packed the one he wears at home, however couldn't find it in his stuff. He went online Tuesday night while we were in El Paso and found one in Odessa. We were going to find somewhere to get some lunch in Odessa too. Well, either he had the address wrong or the bike shop was no longer in business. We didn't see anywhere to have some lunch so got back on the interstate.

As we got closer to Midland we kept seeing billboards for KD's BBQ and pulled off the interstate at the exit that was on the billboards. KD's was not hard to find. It also didn't look like much and there weren't very many cars out front so we weren't sure it was even open. We parked and Gerry got out to look inside what looked to be the entrance. He came back to the van and said it appears it is open and the entrance is right here pointing to the doorway.

Well, we were in for a big surprise and a fantastic experience and lunch.

This is the entrance to KD's.
The front of the building facing the interstate. The building doesn't look very big, however, it is HUGE inside and goes quite a ways back. They have a patio in the back of the building.
A slight view of the van to the right of the entrance. So you enter through this doorway.

Immediately inside is this screen door and wooden steps leading to the inside of the restaurant.

To the left of the screen door is this ramp and another screen door. This is the entrance that we used. We were greeted by a very friendly lady. She asked us if we had been there before and we said no. She walked us over to the area just inside the first screen door.
Here is the menu. And under the sign are stacks of trays and white paper. You take a tray and a piece of paper. Every person takes a tray. We did the "2 people - 1 tray" lunch.
Next to the trays is the steam table with all the choices of meat. She explained what the choices were and there were so many, it was hard to choose. We were a little overwhelmed with all the choices. A very nice, friendly young man came over and asked if we had been there before. He explained that all the meat was sold at $11.50 a pound. After choosing what a person wants, the tray is taken to a scale and weighed. There was turkey, chicken, sausages, pork and beef ribs, pork chops, pork loin and baked potates. There might have been more, I just can't remember it all. I chose some chicken and Gerry chose a huge, thick pork chop. I also got a baked potato. We then took the tray over to be weighed and the young man (I'm sorry I forgot to ask his name) asked if that was all the meat we wanted. We then went along side another area and dished up some potato salad and cole slaw. There was also peach and cherry cobbler. We got some sweet tea to drink.

This picture is out of order. These banners are on the side of the building before the screen door entrance. KD's has obviously won a few awards.
The dining area is huge and has picnic style tables. This sign was right across from where we sat. For napkins there is a roll of paper towels on the tables. Next to this sign is a stack of paper towel rolls. I had to get another one for our table.
We had eaten half of our lunch before I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet. The food was excellent. The service was great and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was fantastic. We were glad we hadn't chosen more meat. We barely finished what we had. Gerry finished my baked potato. I had a couple of bites of his pork chop. It was excellent. My piece of chicken was very moist and yummy.

I asked the young man if I could take pictures of the restaurant. I explained that we were traveling and I was blogging our trip. He said that was fine and in fact went to get a business card to write down my blog address. He said he wanted to see what I said about the restaurant.
I needed to go to the ladies room. I came right back out to get my camera. This is a ladies room that I'll probably not ever encounter again. The stalls had wooden doors. :))

A metal container held more paper towels.

This wall of shelves held all kinds of nick nacks. Treasures you'd find in a thrift store somewhere.

A tiny doll buggy beside the sink. I'd say this buggy is quite old. A fine antique find!

These treasures were right outside the door to the ladies room.

This next picture got out of order too. This area contained large crock pots of baked beans, different kinds of bbq sauce, pickles, onion, peppers.

More treasures on the wall in another section of the restaurant.

Gerry wanted me to get a picture of this bicycle hanging from the ceiling. It is not a very good shot. A couple of men were eating their meal right under the bicycle.

These pictures are only a small portion of the treasures KD's had on display.
Stopping at KD's was our second time eating BBQ on this trip. I mentioned in an earlier post about eating BBQ at Rudy's in El Paso. The food at Rudy's was very good and we will probably stop there on way back through El Paso next month. However, the food and service at KD's was excellent. It will be an experience we will remember for a long time. It will definitely be a "must" stop should we travel through Midland, TX again.
Thank you to the staff at KD's for a memorable experience. (I'm not saying this because this post may be read by the young man we spoke with. It truly was a great time!!).


  1. What a great find! And what a GREAT photojournalist you've become. I just love looking closely at the photos . . . the old radio, the old pop bottles, the empty gumball machine, the mailbox. I can even see part of your reflection in a mirror! It's priceless! Not to mention the ono-looking food.

  2. wow Betty, looks like you've been having a lot of fun! :)

  3. Thanks Jalna! Its been fun. I just loved KD's. There was so much in there, I could have taken a ton more pictures!!:))

    Les, the trip has been fun so far. I'm behind in blogging though. We are in Pearl, MS tonight and Enterprise, AL and my daughter and family tomorrow!!!