Sunday, May 17, 2009

La Puente, CA

Just a quick post before heading to bed. I am on George's computer.

We arrived in La Puente yesterday afternoon about 2:30 pm. The drive down from Sacramento was nice. We had light traffic until we turned off onto the 210 freeway heading east. The traffic got pretty heavy in spots, however it kept moving so that was a good thing. It was very hazy. The range of mountains north of the 210 were completely covered from the haze.

Joyce fixed hamburgers for dinner and fresh corn on the cob on the grill too. It was yummy. Daughter Wendi came over, arrived soon after we got here. She lives in Covina north east of La Puente off of I-10.

George's daughter Geraldine was here for the weekend; we took over her bedroom so she went home with Aunt Wendi. We enjoyed playing with Katie (age 4) and Emma (18 months). They are the cutest girls!

Today, we all went to church over in Glendora, past where Wendi lives. This is a church that Gerry's sister Susan and her husband attend. Their youngest son, Thad, has been leading the worship there filling in for his older brother, Nate. Nate and his family are in China right now. Nate's wife is teaching English in a school there (I'm not sure exactly where in China) and Nate is working on studying the music of the Chinese in the area where they have been since the first of the year. Thad is a civil engineer and Jackie is an RN. Nate and his family are due back in the states later this summer.

After church we all went over to a Round Table Pizza Palour close by for lunch. It was the closest place that we thought could accommodate all of us (16 total - 10 adults, 6 children). We met Thad's wife Jackie for the first time. They have 4 children, Allie (7), Raven (5), Lucas (3) and Makenna (18 mos). It was a great time.

We then came home to George and Joyce's and hung out for the rest of the day. George had to take Geraldine home, she lives in Tustin which is about an hour away. We decided to fix tacos for dinner since it was simple. We didn't want anything heavy since we'd had pizza for lunch. George got back just as we started eating.

The girls didn't get a nap this afternoon so Katie was having a hard time minding her mother. Joyce finally sent her to her room. Wendi went in to find out what she wanted on her taco and she had fallen asleep so Wendi had to wake her up. She was fine then for the rest of the evening until they were put to sleep. They both went right to sleep.

We had a little bit of excitement about 8:40pm this evening. There was a 4.7 earthquake south west of Los Angeles, centered around Hawthorne which is east of the 410 freeway, out close to LA International Airport. Wendi and Gerry felt it. The rest of us did not. Wendi was sitting on one side of the sofa and I was on the other yet I didn't feel it. Right after the quake there were 2 or 3 aftershocks.

Gerry and I head out in the morning for Phoenix, AZ and his sister Jeanne's. We will probably leave after Joyce and the girls leave. It is about a 6 hour drive to Phoenix. We'll bethere just for the night.

I took some pictures driving down here. So tomorrow night I hope to be able to download them to my laptop and then post them.

Well, I am off to bed and hope to blog when we get to Phoenix.

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  1. Wow, what a nice trip so far, and it's only just begun. Can't wait to see your pics. Thanks for posting soon!