Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eating Out and the Weekend

On Friday morning, we met up with the Sacramento Breakfast Club gang for breakfast at a restaurant in Rocklin called Venita Rhea's.  Their meals are wonderful and they serve very large portions.
I ordered Bobby Earl Egg Benedict...a traditional benedict with canadian bacon, 2 poached eggs with hollandise sauce on top of an English muffin.  Instead of potatoes I got fresh fruit which consisted of sliced pineapple, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, a strawberry and a slice of orange.  I don't drink coffee so I always have a large (if the restaurant has that option) glass of orange juice.  Their orange juice was fresh YUM!   My breakfast was absolutely fantastic and I ate every bit of it.  These pictures were taken with my phone.
Gerry had an omelette called Fire Roasted Vegetables.  It was full of different kinds of vegetables with some kind of sauce on top ot it, home fried potatoes and a bagel with cream cheese.  The omelettes are made with 4 eggs.  Gerry wasn't able to finish all of his breakfast.

After we left there, we did some errands in Roseville before coming home.

On Saturday morning, there was a PGR Welcome Home mission at the airport.  Besides the soldier they were there for, they welcomed several more service personnel coming home on leave.  There was over 40 PGR members there for the Welcome Home.  Afterwards some of the PGR got together with the family and gave them an escort back to their home in Salida which is south of Sacramento in the Central Valley.  We didn't go on that mission.

After leaving the airport, we drove down to Oto's Marketplace.  Gerry wanted some brown rice.  I didn't think I needed anything, however thought of several over $85 worth...about had heart failure.  We were getting low on rice so we bought another bag, some pork rib strips to make sweet and sour, of course always have to get bento 3 of them, a package of futomaki and inari sushi, some pickled cucumbers, Gerry wanted more kim chee and a container of ahi poke.  We had 2 of the bento boxes for lunch after we got home and saved the other one and the poke for dinner.  Gerry cooked some quinoa for his dinner.  He had gotten some at Whole Foods when we were there on Friday.  It smelt awful while it was cooking; he said it was good.  None for me, thank you very much...nor brown rice.  I am perfectly content with white steamed rice that I've been eating all my life.

While we were at Whole Foods on Friday, I had a near accident.  I had gone to the ladies room, it is down a hallway at the back of the store.  I was walking out of that hallway and an employee was going down the aisle way at the end of that hallway.  He was pushing a cart rather hurriedly, looking over his shoulder towards the meat counter.  I had to put my hand on the cart to stop it from hitting me.  He glanced at me when I did that and kept on his merry way...not saying a excuse me...I'm sorry...When I got back up front I went over to the customer service desk to see if there was a manager on duty or a floor supervisor.  The customer service supervisor told me no one was available...she offered me the email address for an assistant store manager and apologized. I emailed the person...haven't heard a word back.  Anyway, it would not have been real nice being hit by a grocery cart.

I purchased an Entertainment book and we were going to use a coupon out of it for lunch today.  The restaurant we were going to go to has 3 locations listed.  We decided to go to the one closest to was no longer in business.  So we drove over to another of their locations in Rancho Cordova...surprise...that location was closed...a Mexican restaurant is there now.  So we ended up going to The Old Spaghetti of their locations close by.  After we got home I checked the website for the first restaurant and all 3 of their locations are closed.  This is the second time in wanting to use a coupon from the Entertainment book that we found a restaurant out of business.  We were going to go to a tacqueria last week and it was closed.  I have a feeling we are going to have to call first before we venture out.  Oh, we used a coupon for Venita Rhea's so that was nice.

Gerry watched the Super Bowl and I've been playing on the computer.  Sure am glad it is over...

Our weather has been really the 60's during the day.  We had one day of rain last week and it may rain one day this week.  Otherwise it will be more of the same.  It is nice...yet not good for our water...we need lots more rain.