Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Home

Another quick note...I got in last night about 10:50 pm. It was a day of delays and lots of waiting. I've caught up on reading all my Facebook posts, read and deleted tons of email and have to update my Splitcoast Stampers threads. I tried to keep up on my Windows phone, however, it was a little difficult doing so and it also took a lot of battery usage.

My visit to my daughter's was very nice; my grandson Nathanael was able to get some leave time and so he was there too.

I am doing laundry today and getting unpacked. The TSA people completely turned my things in my suitcases upside down. I was not too happy when I opened up my suitcases last night.

I will do more blogging later...just wanted to say "HI" for now.

Talk to you all soon! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Sweet Home Alabama

A quick note....I leave this afternoon and fly to Atlanta....after a 3 hour layover, I fly to Sacramento and home. It has been a great visit...however it is time to go home. :) I will blog later, maybe tomorrow. I have a busy week ahead...looking forward to seeing my stamping friends on Saturday.

Take care....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hi from Alabama

A short note to say hi. I am in Alabama at denise's. It is hot and humid here...to be expected.

Yesterday all the girls went to a local nail shop and pedicures. I just had a foot soak and massage.

Graduation is tonight. Rebekah is excited.

Friday, June 3, 2011


It has been awhile since I blogged. I've been working on several projects and by the time I stop for the evening, the last thing I want to do is blog.

I made graduation cards for two granddaughters and a set of Thank you cards for each of them. I kept changing my mind as to what I was going to do so it took me a few days to finally finish the projects. I'll have the pictures up on my card blog later. I also did a card kit swap project. Actually those went together quite easily and surprisely enough, I used stuff from my stash instead of having to go buy stuff. Wish that worked all the time.

This morning I went and got my hair cut. It is pretty much the same style as the one I got in December. I was going to have Brent do some color too, however, decided not to do it. It looks good as it is and Brent thought it looked fine too. That saved me a few dollars... :)

I haven't said anything yet...I am leaving Sunday night on the "red-eye" flight and flying to Atlanta, GA. I arrive there early Monday morning, have a 3 hour layover then fly to Dothan, AL. It is a short drive to Enterprise. I'm going to Rebekah-Elizabeth's graduation (Denise's daughter). I plan on spending 2 weeks there and will fly back on the 20th. I'm looking forward to seeing Denise and the grandkids. Nathanael was able to get some leave time and he is in Enterprise right now. Stephen's family will be there too...don't know when they all are arriving and how long they'll stay. Graduation is the evening of the 9th.

It is hot and humid there right now. I looked at a 10 day forecast and it said, thunderstorms or showers and high 90's. Ugh!! We are dealing with temps in the 50's and 60's. We continue to have rain...this past Wednesday there were 2 tornadoes that touched down north of Sacramento. Brent lives in Roseville, just east of where we live, and he said they were getting tornado warnings. The worst of the storm went around us...to the north, east and south of us. We had rain that was heavy at times...other areas around us had lots of hail.

Today has been overcast all day and it is suppose to be rainy tomorrow and Sunday. We all keep wondering if we'll have summer anytime soon. Of course, I prefer the cooler weather versus the hot stuff.

You know, I haven't taken the flannel sheets off the bed yet. Each week I keep thinking I can put regular sheets on, however, it is just too cold at night. At one point, I took the quilt off and put it away. Then I had to get it out of the closet and put it back on the bed. I've been turning the heater on for a little bit in the mornings.

I want to share an article I read in the paper this morning...as soon as I read it, I knew exactly who this was even though it has been at least 30 years since I've seen them. His mother and I worked for Alta California Regional Center in the '80's. It was where I was working when I met Gerry. Alta California Regional Center is a non-profit organization that offers diagnostic and counseling services for developmentally disabled people...mostly children and teens. Betsy was an associate counselor and I was her secretary. We worked together for a few years and then I transferred to one of the satellite offices. Betsy left the agency and went to work for the Department of Developmental Services. Alta is under their direction. She always wanted to have a Bed and Breakfast place. So, I think in the late 90's she moved to Port Angeles, WA and opened a B&B. Unfortunately, the economy did not allow her to continue with the B&B and she had a file a bankruptcy.

A while back I had written about seeing another girl I worked with at Alta at the grocery store. I asked her if she knew where Betsy was. Sandy told me about Betsy's B&B and the town she was in. I came home and googled her name and found her. We emailed back and forth a few times and then one afternoon, she called me. We had a lovely time catching up with each other. She told me about her son being in the Army and where he was.

A funny story about Joseph...I think it was either his 6th birthday or 7th birthday...I wanted to get him a gift so I purchased an item of clothing, I think. I left it on Betsy's desk (she was out of the office). The next day she walked in to my office area...laughing. She said to me: "evidently you haven't seen my son". "He is a big boy and your gift will not fit him". I was so embarrassed...when I did see him, he was indeed a big boy for his age. :-)