Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rainy Saturday

We have rain again. It actually started raining yesterday. Last night there were a couple of thunderstorms, so it rained really hard for a few minutes. It is suppose to be raining all weekend and into Monday.

I got really energetic earlier and actually dusted the living room!! One day last week I organized the CD cases and dusted the cabinet some of them are in so I thought I better do the rest of the dusting. There is so much stuff to dust that I dread it. Of course, the truth be known, I'd rather be crafting than doing housework!! LOL!! I should do my teapots too. I have a collection of teapots and they are on shelves in the kitchen area. It is time consuming to get each one down and clean them.

Well, I should confess really. Kim from church is coming over to borrow some of the teapots for a Mother's tea next week Saturday. I wouldn't normally offer my teapots to anyone to borrow, however, since it's Kim, I'm ok with it. She is the middle daughter of one of my friends at church and we have mutual birthdays. Besides I really like her. She had a little girl the end of January, Brooke Lynn. Anyway, that was part of my motivation to get some dusting done. She just called and should be over in a little bit.

I was thinking I'd like to go down to Oto's Market today, not sure I really want to go out in the rain. It's not really raining very hard, just enough to make the roads slippery. I guess we shouldn't complain though. A report came out this past week that we will face another year of drought conditions. Because of the heat wave we had a week or two ago, alot of the snowpack in the mountains melted earlier than expected.

I've got a few cards to post on my other blog so I'm switching over there now. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. My house is beyond dusting. I could grow stuff in my "dust".

  2. Well, mine is like that too!! I use those Swiffer wipes because using an old washcloth or cloth just doesn't get it. (My daughter is probably rolling her eyes now hearing about her mother's lack of housekeeping)! LOL!! There are better things to do, right Jalna!!