Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cracker Barrel, Abilene, TX

We decided not to have breakfast at our hotel in Big Spring and instead drove to Abilene to have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. These restaurants are all over the US except California, Oregon and Washington. They are usually located at exits right off the interstate. I ate at one of these on one of my early trips to North Carolina and have enjoyed them ever since. I went onto their website before we left home and wrote down on the cities we are located in on the interstates we'll be traveling on our trip. Each restaurant pretty much looks the same. They have wide porches out front lined with wooden rockers which can be purchased. Entrance into the restaurant is through the gift shop. There are some neat things to purchase. I have bought mostly t-shirts and fabric purses. I've also bought some decorative teapots to add to my collection.

Here's the entrance.
These rockers are very comfortable to sit in.
They have these games on the table to play with while waiting for your meal to come. The idea is to try and get all the tees eliminated. One hole is left empty to start. I usually had 2 or 3 left that I couldn't eliminate.
Some of the wall decor.
Gerry's country skillet breakfast. It was country potatoes, sausage and 2 eggs on top. He also had biscuits and gravy.
My fried apples. I love these!!! They sell jars of these fried apples in the gift shop. Want to get some before we get back to California.
Here's my breakfast. It was called Eggs in a Basket which was 2 slices of sour dough bread with holes cut out of the middle and an egg fried in the hole. The pieces punched out are also included with the meal. It sounded interesting, however, it wasn't all that good. The bread was dry and the eggs were cooked hard. I won't order it again. I had sausage patties with it.


  1. Fried apples!! I never heard of that. I think I would love that with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And is that the top of Gerry's head?

  2. Yeah, they would be good with ice cream. Its like apple pie without the crust. I've found some recipes online to make them, haven't tried any yet. I don't want to be disappointed if they are not like Cracker Barrel's. And yes, that's the top of his head. I didn't realize it was in the picture until after I posted and looked at the post. hahahaha!!!!!