Friday, May 22, 2009

On the Way to Phoenix, New Mexico and Texas

These windmills were everywhere as we traveled through the California desert. They are used to generate electricity. It started raining as we drove through here and stopped before we got to Phoenix.
Crossing the state line into Arizona. We stopped at the truck stop at this first offramp to get gas and have some lunch at the Wendy's in the truck stop. November of 2007 we stopped here to spent the night at the Best Western Hotel that is part of this truck stop. We were on our way to Phoenix. Gerry was going to do a century ride in Tucson and we stopped at his sister's in Phoenix for a couple of nights.
Mountain range, one of many we've seen as we've traveled.

This picture is out of sequence, however this is what is seen after crossing the New Mexico state line. I missed the Welcome New Mexico sign. Lots of rocks piled on top of each other.
New Mexico desert.
The hills were real rocky at the New Mexico state line. And then this bit of red rock looked a little strange with the brown of the hill/mountain.

More New Mexico desert.

Crossing into Texas at 4 pm Tuesday afternoon.

The freeway overpasses were very decorative in the far west part of Texas.

Here's the welcome sign.


  1. Three states!! It's so amazing. Love the windmills. Wonder what caused the reddish portion of the rocks.

  2. Its absolutely amazing that you can travel to 3 states in a matter of hours. We were wondering too how just that small portion of those rocks were red. Pretty unique.