Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Weather

What crazy weather we are having!! Hot, then rain and cold, then nice weekend, lots of sunshine. Today the sun was shining, however the wind was blowing and a little cool. Earlier the wind was going crazy outside. The flags were whipping around and there was a lot of noise. It has died down. I didn't look at the weather report today so I'm not sure what it is suppose to be doing. I suppose we probably shouldn't be complaining as the days will warm up and we'll be complaining of the heat. :)

I went out and did some errands this morning. Denise called while I was out so I called her back when I got home and talked to her for a little bit. Last evening I was trying to order some makeup off a website that she uses and I kept getting an error message. So I called her to help me with it. She didn't answer her phone so I left a message. She was calling me back today. I figured out this morning what I was probably doing wrong and sure enough when I went back on the website today and did what I didn't do last night, it worked. It was something really simple that I wasn't doing. LOL!!

Denise told me business at their coffee shop is really picking up so she is going in each morning for a few hours to help Stephen out. She works in the shop Wednesday afternoons so Stephen can have some study time and prepare for Wednesday night bible study. She has been doing quite a bit of baking for the shop, however is going to have to cut back on doing that since she'll be working in the shop more. One morning a week she has a ladies bible study to go to and one day a week she goes to Sam's for supplies. She has to drive over to the next town to go to Sam's so she has a full schedule.

Monday is laundry day, got most of it done and everything folded and put away. Just have to do my knit tops which I'll do tomorrow. I panfried some pork chops for dinner and steamed some carrots.

Bekah went to a prom Saturday night. I forgot to ask particulars about it today. She was all excited to be going. Nathan is anxious for school to be out. Just 5 more weeks!!

I worked at my craft table for a little bit this afternoon. Actually got 3 cards made. I'll have them up on my card blog later.

That's all for now.

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