Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Checking In

Hi all, I have not been feeling well so haven't done any posting for a few days. I'm dealing with dizzy spells, headaches and nausea. I will be calling the doctor in the morning if I am not feeling any better. I have several posts to do and hope to get to them this next week. Also, need to be at my craft table getting some cards done, have some deadlines coming up. I had planned to stamp all day yesterday (Saturday). Unfortunately, it did not happen.

Gerry has been taking good care of me. This morning he said I was terribly spoiled as he fixed waffles for breakfast. Maybe so, however, it does him good to do for me once in awhile. :)

It is a beautiful day here in Sacramento, a little on the warm side. It's suppose to rain Monday and Tuesday according to the weather report on the MSN home page. Will see if it actually happens.

Trust you are having a great day whereever you are.


  1. Hi Betty, hope you're feeling better soon! take care!

  2. Thank you, Les. I do feel somewhat better. I actually just made a card. I'm going to post it on my card blog right now.