Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Neighborhood In The News

Last night we went to a Southern Gospel Music concert at our church. The Beene Family from Tennessee were there. The concert started at 7pm and ended before 9pm. We stuck around to visit and purchase CD's.

We left there and headed home. Our church is in Roseville on Main Street and Foothills Blvd. To come home we travel south on Foothills which turns into Roseville Road at Cirby. We got to Madison Avenue in North Highlands and made a left hand turn. Jackson Street where we live is 2 traffic lights from Roseville Road and Madison. As soon as we made our turn we noticed lights flashing from law enforcement patrol cars. There were cars blocking the road at Air Base Road with crime tape across the road. The SAFE Credit Union corporate offices are right there so we turned into the parking lot of the credit union, drove through the lot and exited at Polk Street which is the street before Air Base. That takes us down to Myrtle and we can reach Jackson from the south. When we got to the driveway of our mobile home park, we noticed that Jackson was also blocked off and could see crime tape from one side of the street to the other. There is a mini mart on the corner of Madison and Jackson. There are always people milling around there and we thought either there was a shooting or robbery or some kind of crime that happened at the mini mart.

Our neighborhood is not the best and the sheriff's helicopter is always up in the air circling. We like our park or we wouldn't have moved here.

Anyway, Gerry went online and found the reason why law enforcement was blocking the streets. You can read it here by clicking on to this link.

Across Madison from the mini mart is a self-storage business. Next to the storage place is a pest control business. The bus bench referred to in this article is in front of the pest control business. We live on the south side of Jackson, a half block from the mini mart.

The kid on the motorcycle is 17 years old so still a minor. His case probably will be handled through adult court. It will initially be handled through juvenile court, where I retired from. I am so thankful I don't work there any longer.

On a much more pleasant note, the concert last night was outstanding. This is the second time we've heard the Beene's. They were at our church 2 years ago and last summer. We missed them on that visit. I bought their 4 newest CD's and now need to get them downloaded to my Mp3 player. We have an auxliary jack in the Nissan that we can plug the player into so we don't need to take the heavy case of CD's with us on our trip.

I am off to do a couple of errands and I will be able to see the accident scene. I've been at my craft table and will have some projects to post on my card blog. Probably do that this afternoon.

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