Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weather, Dinner and Other Stuff

It was another hot day. The Sacramento Bee this morning said it was 94 degrees yesterday. Today it was suppose to be in the 80's. I think quite possibly it was in the 90's again.

Gerry came in a little bit ago from getting the mail and he said there was a hint of a breeze outside. So maybe it really is going to cool down tonight and tomorrow. We slept a little better last night. He went over to storage and brought the fans home except that he didn't get the one I use in my office. I have a ceiling fan in my office which helps. In the summer I have the ceiling fan going plus a table top fan. The sun beating through the window makes it unbearable in here. We even have sun screens on the window, it doesn't help a whole lot. Part of the problem is that the air conditioning unit is at the back of the mobile, the mobile is a double wide. For some reason on the half where my office is, very little air or heat for matter, reaches this room. Gerry's office right next to mine and on the other half of the mobile is toasty hot in the winter with the heater on and freezing cold when the air is on. He has something blocking the vent in his office. It is totally frustrating.

For dinner tonight Gerry fixed some baby back ribs on the gas grill. I forgot to take pictures. In the summer time we use the grill a lot. They sure were good and messy too!!

Tomorrow, Thursday it is back to Bible Study. We took a 2 week break for Easter and spring break. We have 3 more weeks to go for this year, our last class is May 14th.

Thursday also means we pick up Andy from school. We haven't had to do that for 2 weeks. One week was spring break for them and then last week Thursday Aunty Elizabeth was able to pick him up. Melody, his older sister, also has a short day. Their school has Open House tomorrow night. Andy gets out at 12:20 pm and Melody gets out at 1:10 pm. So we'll have to hang out for 40 minutes or so.

We got Nathanael's graduation invitation in the mail today. Denise made them and they turned out so good! She probably used Creative Memories Storybook digital photo computer software. She used some of the photos that were taken for his senior photos. She does such a fantastic job with this program. She put together a Storybook of his senior photos and posted the same photos on her Facebook. I am going to order the Storybook. On her Facebook today she said she was putting together an digital album of memorabilia of his high school years.

Well, just 6 more weeks until graduation. The time will go quickly, I think.

I just turned off the air and opened up the doors. There is a breeze out there!!

I'm off to get my things ready for tomorrow. Chat with you all later.

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