Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the card swap that I've written about on my card blog. It was a great time. 15 ladies from around the Sacramento area were there. I just got done posting all the cards we made so be sure to hop over to that blog and check them out. I'm tired now, it is a very long post. I actually did 2 different posts.

It is a very warm day here in Sacramento. Yesterday was warm too, however, I think today is hotter. I have my overhead fan going, however, I don't think it is doing any good. I can't eat dairy products, yet some ice cream sure sounds good!! :)

I turned the air conditioner on in the van leaving church. Gerry doesn't mind the heat as much as I do. I can feel my feet and hands swelling as I sit here. Don't like that at all!!! I opened up the windows, there's no breeze outside though. Its too early to be getting this hot already.

Last night after Gerry got home from his ride and had his shower, we went out for some dinner. We ended up going to Rey Azteca, a Mexican restaurant in Carmichael. He had a carnitas dinner and I had 2 soft carnitas tacos and a side order of rice. Their food is ok.

We went to BJ's for lunch in Roseville after church. They have good food. They brew their own beers which we don't care anything about. I had a hot meatloaf sandwich which was a slice of french bread with 2 thick pieces of meat loaf on it, some white cheddar mashed potatoes with brown gravy over the whole thing and steamed vegetables. It was fantastic. I brought the rest of the meatloaf home. Gerry had a stuffed baked potato. They have a dessert that is so good, we've only had it once. It is called pazookie which is a huge chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and hot fudge over it. We are always too stuffed from our meal to have dessert.

Well, it is getting really warm in my craft room/office. It faces the west. I am going to find a cooler place like sit at the breakfast bar and read the Sunday paper.


  1. Pazookie sure sounds good! I don't think we have anything like that here. It's getting warm here too. I don't like it. I'm gonna go over and check out your cards now!

  2. I love BJs!!!! mmmmm The first time we went there I got the meatloaf. So much food! Yummy!