Thursday, April 9, 2009

Care Package From Jalna

My Hawaii blogger friend, Jalna, sent me a care package of all kinds of goodies. The box arrived yesterday and I was the kid in a candy shop pulling the goodies from the box. Jalna blogged about finding some of these items and about how good they were. The package on the left with the Japanese characters was one of the items she blogged about. The package on the back side says they are fried rice crackers. I must tell you these are so delicious. They kind of melt in your mouth. Gerry said they were addicting. :) They come 6 crackers in individual packets. We finished one of them this afternoon. Then over on the right side are some chocolate fortune cookies. We had one of those after dinner. Again, so yummy!! The fortune cookies and the Senbei (Sesame Seed Tea Cookies) next to the fortune cookies are from the Ohta Wafer Company. This company has been in business for 69 years. Jalna blogged about them too. They only make small batches of their products and they don't distribute. To purchase their items, they have to be bought at their factory. The pile in the front is an assortment of different Japanese cookies/crackers and some dried salted ume (Japanese plums). And the container in the back are little morsels of whole grain corn puffs that are made in Hawaii.
She also included a package of instant Miso Soup, 4 packages of Korean style seasoned seaweed and a package of seaweed with sesame seeds. This is the black seaweed that is around sushi like California Roll. I take a piece of this, heat it for a few seconds over the gas flame on the stove and then put some rice in it and wrap it up. That's called musubi. Yum!!!!
Jalna has become a very special, dear friend. Her blog is She calls herself a "wannabe photographer". Two of her friends have also become my friends Leslie, her blog is and Erick Jalna and Leslie work together and Erick is one of their photog buddies. Check out their blogs, their photos are fantastic. Someday I hope I will have the opportunity to meet them in person.
Jalna, Mahalo Nui Loa!!!


  1. looks good...It reminded me to check on those rolled crackers...sorry...i forgot!

    Another comment from Florence.