Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Mama's Fried Rice

Fried Rice is the absolute comfort food. Gerry and I both love it, however, I don't make it often enough. This was dinner one night last week. I make it the way I remember my mom making it. When its ordered in a Chinese restaurant, it usually has peas and carrots added to it. I don't like it that way. I believe in my mom's later years, she got to where she would add other things to her fried rice.

So here's how I do it. First, of course I cook the rice, usually 2 and a half cups for us. Then I chop up half of an onion and slice 5 or 6 strips of bacon. I start cooking the bacon and half way through add the onion.

When the bacon is cooked, I drain off most of the grease, leaving a tiny bit to scramble the egg.

I beat up 2 or 3 eggs, then add it to the pan with the bacon and onion to scramble. First I push the bacon and onion to the side. Some of the egg will run into the bacon and onion.
When the egg is just about cooked then I incorporate everything together.
Next the hot rice is added. At this point the fire can be turned off. I leave it on to make sure the egg is completely cooked.
Then I add salt, pepper, some garlic powder and shoyu and mix that together. As I mix it, I will add more shoyu so it has a nice brown color.
After that is all mixed up, then I add some chopped green onions. By this step the fire is off. The green onions are just gently folded through the rice mixture.
And the finsihed dish. We eat it in bowls with chopsticks. We do use bowls to eat from often and they are mostly bowls we've gotten from an Asian store somewhere. This one is a bowl I found in an Asian store at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.
On several trips to visit my daughter and family, Denise has requested that I make fried rice for dinner. One funny story about my sweet girl. She has not always been fond of eating rice. She, of course, endured eating it through her growing up years. Usually on her birthday I would fix potatoes for her. She and her husband went to Germany, Stephen's first duty station while he was in the Army. One Sunday morning Gerry and I were getting ready for church and the phone rang. Gerry said it was Denise. When I got on the phone, she wanted to know how to fix fried rice. Stephen was wanting some. So long distance I went through each step with her so she could make fried rice for their dinner. :) I do believe they have rice for dinner once in awhile.


  1. Looking at your step-by-step pictures had me smiling. I can just imagine you (just like me). . . chop . . . take a picture . . . sautee . . . take a picture . . . beat the eggs . . . take a picture . . . it's so funny. I love it.

  2. Hahahaha!! Do you think sometimes we need to get a life! I'm laughing too when I take the pictures. I'm thinking "you're doing just like Jalna when she fixes something"!!! Well, if it puts a smile on our faces, that's what really counts, huh! The box hasn't come yet, maybe today.

  3. SCRUMTIOUS!! I can smell it now!! that's how my mom makes fried rice too!! it must be "all mama's fried rice"!! I love your food "ramblings" :)
    Your a good cook!!!

    This is a comment from my friend Florence who emailed the comment.

  4. It looks wonderful! I have a strong urge to make fried rice. Thank you so much to the great step by step recipe! Fried rice, it's what's for dinner.

  5. that is YUMMY, sister!! thanks for sharing the link with me!! Hugs, Jen