Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday Ride with San Luis Obispo Bike Club

Gerry and Joe met up with the bike club members from San Luis Obispo Wednesday morning about 8:30 am. Seven of them went with Gerry on the short ride which turned out to be a total of 50 miles. The other 8 riders went with Joe on a 60 mile ride. There were actually 15 people that rode. The wife of one of the riders took the train to Truckee Wednesday morning and then rented a car and drove over to Lake Tahoe.

The American River Bike Trail is a total of 33 miles. It starts at Discovery Park on the banks of the Sacramento River and ends at Beals Point which is at Folsom Lake. Gerry told me his group rode at about 10 to 12 mph which is a lot slower than he normally rides. He said he enjoyed it though because he got to see parts of the trail that he hasn't really seen because he is usually whizzing by. He thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the SLO club members did too.

There were some concerns that it would rain, however, Gerry told me they just got a few sprinkles. Nothing to be concerned about. His group returned to the LaQuinta Hotel after 3 pm. Joe's group had gotten back earlier. One of the guys in Gerry's group is a diabetic and he got to not feeling well on the ride back. He was expecting to go no further than 20 miles. When the group got up to where they were going to get off the trail and go to Bella Bru's for lunch, it was a little after 10 and too early for lunch. So they decided to ride a few more miles over to the fish hatchery. That was probably too much for that particular rider to do. His wife was with the group on the long ride. One of the ladies in Gerry's group stayed with him and made sure he got back okay. His blood sugar was high when he got back so after taking his insulin, he slept for awhile.

The group invited Gerry and I to have dinner with them. They called Joe too and he met us at the restaurant. They had "happy hour" first at the hotel and then we walked over to El Coyote Junction restaurant just down the street from the hotel. The food was very good, I had a Taco Salad and Gerry had a combination dinner, chicken enchilada and something else (I don't remember). One of the couples had bought Gerry's lunch and the couple who sat across from us bought our dinner. They are a nice group of people. A couple of them invited us to come visit.

One of the couples has 5 acres outside of SLO and grows apples. They brought a big ziplock bag of dried apple slices. I was enjoying them so when we left the hotel to go to dinner, they gave the rest of them to us to bring home. They are really good and Gerry and I have been enjoying them.

The SLO club does a fundraiser the end of April called the Wildflower Century. I've mentioned to Gerry a few times he should do it because I want to go to Solvang which is south of SLO. For you that don't know, it's a Danish town situated in the Santa Inez Valley. Lots of neat shops and bakeries with the fantastic Danish pastry. That's really what I want. :)


  1. 50 miles is a "short ride"! Holy moly! Danish pastry from a Danish town sure sounds good.

  2. That's round trip, 25 miles out, 25 back. That's still a lot of riding! You can OD on all the yummy pastry in Solvang! Hahaha!!