Monday, April 20, 2009

My Granddaughter's Blog

Just a quick post. My granddaughter, Rebekah-Elizabeth Noe'lani Lane, has a blog (actually 3 of them) that I just added to my blog list. She writes stories. Two of her blogs are about her writings. The one I added seems to be the one she updates. Her posts are funny and cute and she has a unique way of expressing herself. She will be 16 years old the end of June, has her learner's permit and she is learning to drive. I can't wait to see her next month. I told her she could be our guide around Enterprise and that way she will get more driving experience.

My daughter posted some new pictures of Bekah on her Facebook. I'll see if I can download them to my blog.

I chatted with my grandson last night on Facebook. He went with some friends from school to Florida for spring break. He got a tattoo while he was there. He sent a link to a picture taken that shows where it is. It doesn't surprise me too much that it was put in the particular location. :) He said his parents were ok with it. I am so looking forward to seeing him next month. I said something to him about referring to him as "my baby boy" since he was an infant. He laughed and said he always would be that to me. I somehow think he is humoring his tutu (grandmother). :)

It's warm here so I am up early. Couldn't sleep. Now I am hungry so think I'll go get some breakfast and read the paper. It's laundry day too! Ugh!!

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