Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Is Too Hot!!!

Here it is mid April and we are having 90 degree plus temperatures. It is just too early for this heat!! Yesterday it got up to 92 or something like that and today it is suppose to be the same. Supposedly there is a high pressure sitting over California and it is not allowing the ocean breezes to come in.

However, according to the weather service, by the end of the week a cold front will come in from the Gulf of Alaska and cool things down. There even is a chance of rain for Thursday night and Friday.

Earlier I went to Bel Air for a few things, stopped at the post office and picked up a couple of pairs of pants that I had hemmed. When I drove into the park and headed to our mobile, I noticed that our flags hanging in front of the mobile are straight down. There is not even a hint of a breeze out there.

I mentioned in my post about my granddaughter that I was going to download some pictures to my blog that Denise put on her Facebook. Well, I got them saved to my computer, however the pictures are small. I tried to resize them and they got distorted so I guess I am not going to be doing that.

I am going to fix a salad for our dinner tonight. It is just too hot to cook. I got some spring greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers. I have some red onion left over from the broccoli salad that I can add to it. I got some french bread too. I need to go take a chicken breast out of the freezer so it can be grilled later to add to the salad. Well, I'm hoping there is some there. I didn't get any thinking we had some so I better go check that before I forget.

Here's a little something to share. It may not be of interest, however, today would have been my father's 109th birthday. He passed away in May 1981 at 81 years of age. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of my mother's passing. She was 87 years old. I still miss them so I think about these two days.

Hope you are enjoying your day whereever you are.


  1. It started to get hot here too, but last night we got some rain and wind and today it's cold again! Yay! I love it!

    My dad passed away when he was only 41. He had cancer. My mom is 75 years old, and I get soooo sad thinking about her not being here someday.

  2. Mother's Day is really hard for me with my Mom gone and my daughter living far away. My mom use to always call me on my birthday every year. I am so looking forward to seeing Denise next month, it will be a short visit this time and a busy one. Will have to try and find some time to spend alone.