Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Version of Sweet & Sour Spareribs/Pork

I made this for dinner one night last week. This recipe has evolved over the years. In the mid '60's my ex and I moved to Oceanside, CA where we bought our first home. We lived in an apartment until our house was finished. Most of our belongings were in storage including pots and pans. We bought an electric fry pan to do most of the cooking. A recipe book came with the pan and there was a recipe in there for sweet and sour spareribs. One of the ingredients was corn kernels. It was good and I made it often. I did use spareribs although recently Bel Air Market when I shop has not had the spareribs and have resorted to using the country style pork strips. They have a lot more fat on them which needs to be cut off. So here is how I do this dish. I don't measure ingredients so I can't tell you exactly how much of what I use. I can just tell you how I do it. After cutting up the strips in smaller pieces, I brown them in butter. Part way through browning the meat, I add a half of an onion, chopped. After the onions are translucent and the meat browned, I drain off the grease that has accumulated.
Oops, I forgot one of the pictures! Oh well, then I add about a 1/2 teaspoon of fine ground dry mustard and celery seeds; salt and pepper; a couple of heaping tablespoons of brown sugar and lemon juice. I use the soup spoon of my silverware set. The lemon juice is Real Lemon in a bottle. Then I pour in some ketcup, I can't tell you exactly how much, maybe 2 cups. Add water until it comes up to the top of the meat and stir everything together. Then turn the fire down, put a lid on and let it simmer for a couple of hours or until the meat is fork tender.

As you can see, grease does accumulate and it needs to be skimmed off.
And here's the finished dish. It really tastes better the next day. Asparagus were still on sale so we enjoyed some with this dinner. I should say because I don't measure the ingredients before I add it to this dish, it comes out different each time. So if you should want to try this, I guess you will just have to experiment. Anyway, Enjoy!


  1. Betty, that looks so yummy. Even your asparagus looks ono. I was at Foodland the other day and the asparagus were on sale, but they looked kinda small and puny, about half the width of yours. I didn't buy 'um.

  2. Yeah, towards the end of the season here in California we'll get the tiny ones in the stores. They are ok just not as tasty as the larger ones.

  3. looks goood!! I'm hungry now!! hey, do you eat your asparagus and brocolli with mayo and shoyu too?? that is the ONLY way I eat it...so good!!! :)
    I hope your feeling better!!

    Another comment from Florence.