Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold Windy Day

I knew soon as I took the flannel sheets off of our bed, it would get cold. The wind has been pretty strong today and its cold. Gerry was going to ride his bike and go do some errands. He decided it was too windy to do that. So instead we went together in the Nissan.

We drove over to Roseville and stopped at DMV first. We have personalized license plates that were on the Ford wagon. We had to wait until we got the registration on the Nissan before we could put our plates on. Gerry did that a couple of weeks ago, just had not gotten the other plates dropped off at DMV.

From there we drove over to Whole Foods which is across Roseville Parkway from the Galleria. In case you don't know, Whole Foods is a large grocery store selling natural and organic food items. The Roseville store is new and much larger than the store in Sacramento. They have a large food court and we both got a teriyaki bowl for lunch and ate it there. Gerry had his with brown rice. Gerry had a few items to get there after we had lunch.

Then we drove to REI, a couple of blocks away. This is Gerry's favorite store. :) He had ordered a bike jersey online, didn't like it so wanted to return it. They had bike shoes on sale so he got himself a pair. One of the pairs he has is coming apart. I wanted to look at some Keen sandals to wear on our trip. Gerry bought me a pair of Keen's last fall and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I wore them all winter long with Smart Wool socks. Keen's has a new slide style out that I had first seen at the Arden store. Roseville didn't carry that particular style so we left there and drove to the Arden store. I tried on the new style and liked them, however, the footbed was made from man made leather like material and I thought I would not be comfortable if my feet perspired wearing that particular style. I tried on two other styles and ended up getting a pair just like my sandals only as a slide.
Here is a front view of them. I wasn't sure about the closed toes. I don't like my feet all closed up in the summer time. That's the island girl in me. I think these will be alright.
Here's a side view. They are black like my sandals. I don't know if you can see that the top is laced, you pull on the lacing to tighten it or pull the lacing out to loosen. They really are super comfortable.


  1. Betty, how much were they? They look super comfortable.

  2. Jalna, $75.00. They have them online if you don't have an REI in Honolulu. Actually my sandals (my first pair) we found in a sporting goods store in Carmel. Paid big bucks there. I think you would like these. I have such a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable, have wide, flat feet. :) They don't look pretty! LOL!!