Thursday, December 1, 2011

Visit with Jeanne and Her Family

Here's a few pictures from our visit with Gerry's sister, Jeanne and her family on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. These were taken at an Elephant Bar Restaurant in Irvine.

Karie (Jeanne's daughter), Emma, Jeanne, Katie and GerryGerry, me Jeanne, Emma, Katie and Karie in the front row. In back is Wendi (our youngest daughter), Kim and Kevin (Jeanne's sons)

Jeanne and Kim

Joyce (our daughter) joined in the group picture. Katie and Emma are Joyce's daughters and our youngest grandchildren.

Robin (Kim's wife) joined in. She and Kim live in Connecticut. Kevin lives in Vista, Karie lives in Phoenix and Jeanne lives in San Marcos. Jeanne recently moved back to California after living in Phoenix for a few years. She celebrated her 76th birthday in October and is the older of Gerry's two sisters.

Emma's middle name is Louise...Jeanne's middle name is Louise and so is Joyce's twin sister...Jenni Louise (another of our daughters)...


  1. Awww, what a nice gathering you all had!

  2. Thanks, jalna... :) I'll get more pictures more...trying to get my Christmas cards done...