Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Donut Hole

We left La Puente on Saturday (11/26/11) to drive back to Sacramento. Gerry took Katie and Emma to The Donut Hole to get breakfast. It was cute watching Katie help her sister get ready to go with Granddad.

The Donut Hole is a drive-through. They do have a walk-up window. I don't know how long this has been in business...its a fun place and we usually make at least 1 stop when we go to La Puente. Behind it is an old-fashioned McDonald's. I think across the street is an old fashioned In 'n Out burger drive-through.

We had an enjoyable visit and look forward to the next time. Joyce, Katie, Emma and Wendi will be in Sacramento after Christmas. Don't know if Geraldine will be able to come...she is home for the Christmas break from the college she attends in New York state. George will be working.

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