Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I thought I had posted these pictures. I did a little bit of Christmas decorating. I really wanted a tree this year...we don't really have room to put one up and Gerry won't deal with one.

I always set the table with my Christmas dishes. I got some new candle holders this year...they are a little too big. Funny story about finding the tablecloth...I have a round one, a rectangle one and an oblong one in this particular pattern...I have no idea why. Anyway, I took this one out of the linen closet, thinking it was the round one. Then I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't fit. I was pulling and tugging on it, getting very frustrated. Then Gerry tells me it is because it is oblong, not round. Well, I kept insisting I had a round one and where did it disappear to...I even looked in the drawers under the china cabinet...couldn't find it. So Gerry tells me we need to put the leaf in so the tablecloth would fit. So I get the table all fixed up and later I opened up one of the drawers to get the napkins out and guess what...there was the round one. Well, I wasn't going to take everything off. I'm glad we opened up the table because the candle holders take up quite a bit of room and especially after I put the candle rings around them.Gerry wanted to know who was coming to dinner after I got the table finished. I even polished the silverware.

I found these poinsettia napkin rings a few years ago and just love them.

This nativity set is on the buffet. I got it a couple of years ago at a California Backyards Christmas store.

When we were in Salado, TX 2 years ago, I found this pearl garland in a store there. I bought one roll of it and wished I had bought 2 of them. I forgot I had this and found it in the drawer too. It adds a nice touch to the nativity display.

I have a crystal candle holder with tapers on each side of the nativity. Those are tiny poinsettia candle rings.

This nativity set is on top of the entertainment center. I got it at a craft show several years ago.

Four angel votive holders

And lastly, these wood candle holders are usually on the entertainment center with some other candles. I put these red glass candle holders on them with more poinsettia candle rings. I use to use these on the table, I had 3 of them...I broke one of them last year.

So it looks a little festive in here for Christmas.