Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Windy Day

The wind is blowing like crazy...the sun is out and the fog has been blown out. Gerry just went outside to take our flags down and lower the flag pole. We could hear the pole hit up against the mobile. Not sure what's worse...dense fog or super windy...the wind is coming from the north so it is pretty cold too.

I went out to have my usual Wednesday Japanese food lunch. The wind was blowing so hard that the leaves were like a whirlwind in the street. And to make it worse, bushes were being trimmed along Madison Avenue. That didn't help the blowing leaves situation.

Gerry texted me about 9:45 this morning to tell me he had left the club bicycle ride. He said it was too cold and I'm sure the wind didn't help. He was home by 11:45...that is super early for him on a ride day.

Making this short...I'm not getting very far on getting my Christmas cards I better get over to my craft table.


  1. Sure sounds like winter's approaching!

  2. Yes, it is...the wind died down...but it is pretty cold...suppose to have a low of 34 degrees tonight...brrr!!