Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disneyland - 11/25/11 - Part III

We are in Mickey's House in Toontown...waiting to see Mickey. Katie & Emma playing Mickey's piano.

We waited in line for over 30 minutes to spend less than 5 minutes with Mickey. :)

I don't know why I've got 2 pictures... :)

Emma wanted to ride the roller coaster ride in Toontown so Granddad went with her...standing in line waiting...

After the ride...Emma is all smiles...

Another picture in front of the castle...this was taken after Toontown and on our way to the plaza to wait for the flag ceremony. I used this photo to include with our Christmas cards this year.

The drum and bugle band at the beginning of the flag ceremony. When the flag is brought down every night, there is a very nice ceremony that takes place.

The barber shop quartet that sang several patriotic songs. They were awesome!

The honor guard ready to take the flag down.

That is Gerry in the tan colored cap. It was announced that as the song from each branch of the military was played, that veterans or active military in the audience step up to the flag. So, of course, when the Marine Corp hymn was played, Gerry joined the others gathered at the flag. It was so awesome!

The Christmas tree all lit was so pretty after it got dark.

We are waiting for the Christmas parade to start. Front row seats!!

I will have one more post of our Disneyland pictures.


  1. Great pictures Betty!! I don't remember a Toontown at all.

  2. Toontown was opened in January is behind Fantasyland, past "It's A Small World"...its a pretty cool place!!