Sunday, January 31, 2010


The day started with the sun shining and in the 60's early this afternoon. However, soon as the sun went down the clouds came in and it is cold now.

We drove out to Old Town Folsom today and ate lunch at the Sutter Street Grill. Sutter Street is the main street through Old Town Folsom. Sutter Street Grill is always very crowded. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table which wasn't too bad. We both had breakfast, Gerry had eggs, potatoes and sour dough toast. I had a diced ham scramble with an English Muffin.

After we were done eating we walked for a couple of blocks looking in some of the shops. When we got back to the van, we noticed a huge sign. Evidently Sutter Street is going to be revitalized. A couple of guys walking behind us stopped and looked at the sign for a minute. One of them said it was going to look like a miniature Disneyland. It will be a shame if the revitalization really changes the look of the street as it is now.

I noticed on the weather page in The Bee that more rain is expected this week.


  1. I never heard of Old Town Folsom. I googled it. Sounds like a neat place.

  2. It use to be. A lot of the shops have closed. There use to be a lot more antique shops on the street than there is now. Gerry likes going over there. He went to Folsom High School his senior year, his dad pastored a church a couple of blocks from Sutter Street. Sutter Street used to be the "downtown" of Folsom. The city has spread east to Highway 50. Down the center of the street is a grassy area. There are 2 street fairs held in Folsom every year and the vendors set up their stuff on the grass. That grassy area is going to be torn out with the revitalization project. In some areas the sidewalks are pretty rough and that will all be redone. Sutter Grill has been there for a lot of years. It use to be called "Three Bulls in A China Shop".