Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain & Stuff

As predicated by the weather service, the rain is upon us. It started raining some time Saturday night and continued all day yesterday.

We drove up to Auburn yesterday to eat at Sweet Pea's. It is a breakfast/lunch place that we go to often. For a rainy day, the traffic was pretty heavy going east on I-80. On the highway message board just before Auburn, it said it was snowing on the summit and chains were required. Glad we weren't going that far. We didn't have chains with us anyway!! Sweet Pea's has really good food. They have an oatmeal raisin pancake that Gerry likes so he had that with a side order of chicken apple sausage. I had a sandwich which was really good. It was turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese and sprouts on grilled wheat bread. You can have country fried potatoes, macaroni or potato salad or fresh fruit. I had fresh fruit with my sandwich which consisted of a piece watermellon, cantaloupe, orange, apple and grapes. I finished most of it. It was so yummy!!

After we ate we drove back home. It was too yucky to do anything else.

It was raining pretty hard earlier and lots of wind. We have a 25 ft flagpole in front of our mobile and it was rocking back and forth. It is set in concrete so it shouldn't fall. Gerry usually takes the flags and pole down when it is going to be storming.

I think the rain has stopped for the time being. I'm looking out my craft room window and it looks like it is getting lighter outside. Maybe we'll see some sun later on. This is only a reprieve, I'm sure. It will be raining all week. Some time this week I need to go get groceries. I'm doing laundry today.


  1. That oatmeal raisin pancake sounds good . . . and so does your sandwich!

  2. The pancake is pretty dense, Gerry struggles with trying to finish it. He really enjoys it!! They serve just one pancake and it pretty much fills a platter type plate.