Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yearly Idaho Ski Trip

Gerry left early this morning to drive to Mt. Home, ID for the yearly ski trip with his kids. His youngest son who lives in Roseville went with him. They use to fly, however last year they decided to drive. They have to pay extra for their ski/snowboard bags and then when they got to Idaho, they would rent a van for a couple of days to be able to transport everyone up to the ski resort. This year he was taking the ski equipment and a baby carseat for a cousin who is going on the ski trip. She, her husband and their baby are flying up to Boise tomorrow (I think). One of his daughters and a granddaughter who live in Southern California are also flying up.

Gerry's oldest son who lives in Mt. Home organized these ski trips 10 years ago. They go to Bogus Basin outside of Boise to ski where they rent a couple of condos to stay at. I think this is Gerry's 5th trip. He doesn't ski a whole lot.

He called about 5:15 pm to let me know he was at his son's. He said they had to chain up getting out of California. Then in Nevada there was snow on the road so they followed a big rig so they could drive in its tracks. He said it snowed through Oregon and into Idaho. It rained here early this morning so snow in the mountains was to be expected.

So I am by myself for a week. I'm planning to get some cleaning done, like cleaning out my closet. It is worse than a national disaster, I can hardly get in it. And work on getting my craft room organized again. I've got a couple of lunch get togethers too so I should be able to stay busy and make the time go quickly. I do okay during the day, the nights are rough though.

It was a beautiful day here today until about 2 pm then the clouds started rolling in. I think more rain is expected the rest of the week.

Well, I'm going to watch some TV until I just can't keep my eyes open any longer.


  1. Your closet sounds like mine. Wendell built an organizing thing in the closet; now it's an organized mess. I think you need to get a puppy to keep you company while Gerry's gone!

  2. Oh, Jalna, we put our Minnie to sleep in October of 2006. Every once in awhile we talk about maybe getting another dog. It was the most difficult thing putting Minnie to sleep, we don't want to do that again. Maybe someday we'll get another dog. It would be nice to have a puppy to cuddle with while Gerry is gone. :))

  3. Before Kona we has another golden retriever named Kula. Kula and my son grew up together. It was heart wrenching for our whole family when he died. Wendell, however, wasted little time in getting a new puppy for us . . . Kona. Goofball Kona is so unlike Kula, but has filled the void, especially for grandpa (Wendell's dad) who missed Kula badly.

  4. It is amazing how pets have a way of becoming so much a part of the family. We had Minnie cremated and she is in her basket under our bed on my side. It is where she slept the last few months she was alive.