Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fog, Fog Go Away!!

This fog is relentless!! We saw a hint of sun this past Friday afternoon. Gerry was on a ride and called me while I was at Bel Air. It had started raining when I got to Bel Air and thought it was just a matter of time, I'd get a phone call to pick him up. He had been on the bike trail and got off when it started raining hard. He was at the bike shop over in Carmichael. I was in the check out lane so soon as I was finished, I went to go pick him up. I was about 15 minutes away from where he was. Anyway on the way home, the sun peeked out for just a few minutes. Then the clouds covered the sun.

We are going to see if we can find some sun here in a little bit. Probably have to drive up the hill a little ways. The weather forecast calls for some rain tomorrow and Tuesday and then, you guessed it, more fog. There's a massive high pressure over California that is holding the clouds from moving out. So, unfortunately this will be the weather pattern for a while longer.

It is so depressing, makes you not want to do anything.

So, hopefully, you are enjoying some sun where you are!! :)


  1. Kinda reminds me of when it rains for days here, and things start feeling damp all around. It does get depressing after awhile.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't like this kind of weather!!