Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday Night Dinner

I drove down to Oto's Marketplace, a Japanese grocery store in the south area of Sacramento, on Friday. I needed to get some rice. In the meat section they usually have spare ribs cut in strips for sweet and sour ribs. I got a couple of packages and fixed them for dinner. They also had some nice looking fresh green beans. I got a package of the beans and fixed those also for dinner. The ribs were so good.

Oto's has a sushi counter and they fix bento boxes for lunch and dinner. The lunch size starts at $4.95. They usually have teriyaki chicken, huli huli chicken, chicken katsu and char siu. It includes rice and Japanese pickles. The dinner size ones start at $8.95, they are larger portions of the lunch size ones. I usually get a bento box to bring home for lunch. They are so good!!


  1. I wish we had some of your leftovers! Wendell and Landon are out on the boat. They'll probably be home soon and they're gonna be starving. I'm gonna order Chinese right now . . wish I could cook like you instead.

  2. You can cook!! You've made some awesome dishes!!