Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Lane Family

Here are two pictures Denise just sent to me. These are part of the Christmas pictures she posted on her Facebook. I asked for hard copies of these and she emailed them to me. Nathanael was able to get leave for Christmas and spent two weeks at home. This was taken at the airport in Birmingham, AL before he flew out to return to his training in San Antonio, TX. Bekah just got braces. Her smile is so beautiful!!
This is Britta, Nathanael's girlfriend. She lives in Virginia and flew down to spend the two weeks with Nathan. She flew out the same day. Actually they flew in to Birmingham on the same day too. She got in before he did so there was a little bit of a wait for him. Denise drove up to Birmingham to pick them up.
Stephen was able to close the coffee shop for a few days and I am sure enjoyed some much needed rest and time with the family.

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