Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It was another cold, windy, rainy day. A mobile home about 3 spaces down from us had these really tall Italian Cypress trees on its side yard. Well, one of them fell and was laying in the street. So the park management had a tree company out to remove the tree.

There were moments when the wind was so strong, it felt like the roof was going to blow off of our mobile. Gerry went out and lowered the flag pole and brought it in. He said it looked like it was bending over and was afraid it would break causing damage.

One of my Facebook friends wrote that when she was coming home from work this afternoon, it was raining so hard, the windshield wipers weren't doing any good. There were a lot of problems in other parts of the state. There were tornado warnings in Southern California again. Lots of flooding too. I-5, the main north/south highway through California was closed for awhile on Tejon Pass. Cars were being escorted over the pass by the California Highway Patrol.

In areas where there were forest fires last year, people were being asked to evacuate because of mudslides and flooding.

Our power went out this morning for about 45 minutes and then the lights were flickering for awhile after the power came back on. It cleared up for about an hour this afternoon, the sun even came out, so Gerry decided to go for a walk and picked up our mail while he was out. All is quiet out there now. Storms are expected tomorrow and Friday. Then there should be some clearing on Saturday. Let's hope so!!