Friday, January 29, 2010

Oto's Marketplace

I drove down to Oto's today. I was hungry for a bento box from there. Here's the Teriyaki Chicken bento. The rice is rolled into little log shapes. There are 6 of them.
Six pieces of gyoza with dipping sauce.

This is a box of 20 tea bags of the green tea that I like.

I've mentioned before about getting these pork rib strips to make sweet and sour. It is so convenient to be able to buy the ribs already cut in strips. Both packages are a little over a pound; a little pricey though.
I wish Oto's wasn't so far away. It takes me about 20 minutes or so on the freeway to get down there.


  1. I was kinda shocked to see the bento and gyoza. They look really ono!

  2. Thanks, Jalna. They are!! The bento is $4.95 and I'm not sure how much the gyoza is.