Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2010 to you!! I was going to post 3 days ago and never got it done. Oh well, better late than never, huh!!

We are still dealing with fog here in the Sacramento area. We have tiny hints of sunshine, however, the clouds win out.

New Years Eve we went to a Communion/Baptismal service at Trinity Life Center. The service was really nice and surprisely quite a few people were there. I was able to stay awake until 11 pm. That was as late as I could go. I was woken up as it got closer to midnight with guns/rifles going off. I thought someone was shooting right in front of our mobile. I was told it was cherry bombs going off and probably alot of what sounded like shots were probably cherry bombs.

New Years Day we went shopping out at the Galleria in Roseville. The Southern California girls were in town and we hadn't shopped for the two granddaughters. I don't like shopping, it is so exhausting and when you don't know what you are suppose to be doing, it is even worse.

Since we got back from our vacation earlier this year, I have had problems with uploading my pictures to either my blogs or Facebook. Someone told me it was probably due to a very slow internet connection. I have a wireless connection to the internet. Then the last few days I was having major problems just trying to get on the internet. I said something outloud the other day about throwing my laptop out the window. So I am now hardwired to the router which is in Gerry's office. My connection is super fast now and HALLELUJAH!! I am not getting bumped off the internet or having difficulties logging on. So now I think I will try to upload some more of the vacation pictures and see what happens.

We went for a drive today. Don't know if the intentions were to go on a long drive, that's what happened though. We were going out for breakfast and drove over to Davis. We didn't find anything so then drove to Woodland. We stayed on the freeway when we got to Woodland and ended up driving up to Williams. There is a place up there right off the freeway called "Granzella's". It is quite a complex, restaurant, hotel, gourmet store, bar and gift shop. The food is pretty good, a little pricey. The family that own the complex use to have olive orchards. The building housing the restaurant burned down some years and the family rebuilt. This was the second time we've been there and as it was the first time, it was very crowded. The service is quick and good.

When we left there we stayed on Highway 20 and drove through Colusa, Yuba City, Marysville and to Sacramento. As we drove north on I-5 we had fog and then sun pass Dunnigan. On our way back, looking towards Sacramento, the fog bank was quite heavy. We did eventually run out of sunshine as we drove south.

We were on Highway 70 and then 99 driving into Sacramento. This area along Highway 99 is the flyway for fowl migrating south. The ponds and rice fields had a lot them resting and there were also groups flying around. We also saw a lot of egrets (a white tall skinny bird). They are usually around the rice fields. I think they are so interesting, they stand perfectly still or so it seems and usually see just one by itself.

Well, I don't know if I can stick to it, I am going to try real hard to post more regularly than I've been doing in the past.

Have a great week and hope your weather wherever you are is better than what's going on here in Sacramento. Actually we always have a lot of this tule fog this time of year. LOL!!


  1. New Year's Eve was really noisy for us here too. We had to give Kona some tranquilizers as the noise really scares him. Good luck in trying to load your vacation pictures. I miss seeing your photos. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing drive today. Me, I'm trying to clean out our jammed closets and shelves . . . I think it's gonna take me months.

  2. Oh, I hear you!! I've got so much cleaning to do here. My craft room is a disaster. Can't even see the top of my craft table. hahahaha!!