Friday, March 6, 2009

A Quiet Day

Just a quick post before I go off to bed. I spent a quiet day at home today. Since it was also a dry day, no rain and lots of sunshine, Gerry went on his bike club ride. He hadn't ridden all week because of the rain. He didn't mention where they went, however he did say he rode 60 miles or so. He was home by 2 pm or a little after.

Wendi, his daughter who lives in So. California is flying into town tomorrow. Jenni is going to pick her up at the airport. Gerry thought it would be nice to let Wendi drive his van while she is here. She is bringing granddaughter Katie with her. Katie's mom is Joyce, Jenni's twin. Katie is 4 years old. So he went outside to do a couple of things on the van. He came in and said he was starved. I had not eaten lunch yet and since it was almost 3 pm, I decided to go ahead and start dinner. If we had eaten lunch, we wouldn't have wanted to eat dinner. I had taken some hamburger meat out on Wednesday and it didn't get cooked that night nor last night. I needed to fix it before it went bad.

I fixed what has been my favorite meal since I was a little girl. It's hamburger and mushroom soup. I know, it probably doesn't sound very exciting. It is kind of a take on chipped beef that was served to the servicemen during the war. It was called SOS, I won't tell you what my ex told me it meant, it's not very nice. Anyway, I brown the meat, add half of a chopped onion, Lawry's seasoned salt, pepper and some garlic powder. When the meat is no longer pink, I add a can of mushroom soup with about 3/4 of a can of water, mix it all together and let it simmer for about 30 minutes or so. I serve it over hot rice and add a vegetable. Gerry puts hot sauce all over it. We enjoy it.

It was 4 pm or so when we ate. Well, then about 6:30 pm, Gerry starts talking about wanting some Soy Dream ice cream. That got me thinking about dessert. By this time it was 7:45 pm. We ended up getting in the car and driving down to Raley's. He got some Soy Dream and I got a Dutch Apple Pie and some muffins for breakfast. I fixed me some hot chocolate and we sat at the breakfast bar eating our dessert. Like we really needed that!! Well, it satisfied the cravings we had.

Gerry got our car insurance renewal today so I think he is going to check on what the insurance will be before we proceed any further with buying another vehicle.

Well, he's gone to bed so I better head that way too. We'll have a busy weekend, I'll write about it later.

Good night for now!


  1. One of my favorite things to eat kid time was cream tuna. Your story reminded me of it. You just get a can of tuna and add the Cream of Mushroom soup. Just like your recipe, we ate it over rice. It was one of the only things I knew how to make. Brings back memories. It's been ages since I've had it.

  2. Jalna, that sounds so familiar. I think my mom use to do that too. You are going to have to fix that sometime. Whenever I fix hamburger and mushroom soup, it takes me back to my childhood.

  3. Betty forgot to say she drains the grease before adding the soup.

    Jalna, my Mom used to fix creamed tuna. Old memories. She didn't use soup though. We generally had it over toast.