Friday, March 13, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

I spent a lazy day today. Gerry went on his bike club ride. I puttered around in my office/craft room. I need to do some card making. Those of you who visit my Elegant Reflections blog are probably wondering when I'm going to do something new.

I stopped at the Paper Garden the other day and got some new stamps. I need to come up with a card for the card swap I am going to in April. I also have a wedding card to do.

I didn't feel like fixing dinner tonight so I asked Gerry if he would fix waffles. He does a good job at making them. He prefers pancakes, I don't particularly care for them so he'll make waffles for me. Anyway, after some protesting, he fixed them. He also cooked some Johnsonville link sausages. I actually ate one whole waffle and a half of another one. Usually one is all I can eat. He also likes pure maple syrup which he warms up in the microwave. That makes the waffles so yummy. Gerry also likes peanut butter with waffles or pancakes. I thought that was the strangest thing when we first got married. Evidently it's a Townsend family thing, because his kids all do it, especially the boys.

After I got the kitchen cleaned up, we drove over to a bike club member's apartment to get a bike rack to put a bicycle on top of a vehicle. This guy was selling it and Gerry wanted one to use on our trip so he could take a bike with us. He's going to put the bike inside the van instead of on top. It would be too high up on top of the van and we don't have the cross bars on the rails that are on the van roof.

This rack looks like it hasn't been used at all, looks brand new.

We're thinking about going for a drive tomorrow. It's suppose to rain some this weekend, maybe Saturday night or Sunday morning.

So have a great weekend whatever you do and will talk to you all later.


  1. I would soooooo love to have this kind of dinner! I haven't had waffles OR pancakes in a long time. Sounds ono.

  2. The mix that Gerry uses is what makes these waffles so good. And he uses soy milk in mixing the batter instead of whole milk. My daughter does waffles for dinner some times too. You will have to do it sometime. It's like comfort food! :)