Thursday, March 5, 2009

Car Shopping

Yesterday afternoon we stopped at the Future Ford dealership across the freeway to look at a Taurus X which is called a crossover. We had looked at one on the Internet and wanted to see what it looked like in person. We also looked at a Taurus sedan, a used Freestyle which came before the Taurus X and a used Escape. Although we didn't take the "X" out for a drive, we both liked the looks of it and all the features it had. The salesman tried really hard to get us to make a decision on buying the car. He even called us after we got home to see if he could get the payments down lower, would we come back over. Gerry told him no, that he would get back to him. Gerry told me the saleman called this morning but Gerry didn't take his call.

We are going on a cross country road trip in May and we need to do something about our vehicle. The options are buy another vehicle, used or new or put some money into our 2001 Ford Taurus wagon which has over 100,000 miles on it.

There are some "have to have" features on whatever vehicle we do end up getting. Such as: power drivers seat, ease of me getting into the vehicle on the driver's side (due to short legs, etc.), and a power tail gate (if possible). Gerry wants something with a third row of seats, ease in putting the seats down and room to put a bicycle in the back.

After we got home, Gerry called Jason, his youngest son who is an auto tech and family auto expert/advisor, to see what he thought of the vehicles we had looked at. He said no to all of them mainly because they have Mazda motors. When we first started talking about getting another vehicle, I shared with Gerry that I wanted a Saturn Vue. Jason vetoed that too. Some of the vehicles Jason suggested were Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai.

We have an older model Plymouth van that Gerry uses when he needs to transport his bikes and recently took to Idaho on the yearly ski trip with his kids. He has put quite a bit of money into it fixing it up so we will keep it until it literally falls apart. And of course the wagon is used as our everyday vehicle. Gerry's van is the second one we've had so going back to a sedan is not an option. We have gotten use to having lots of room in the back when we go on trips so we are looking at vans.

So the search continues......

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  1. How exciting! A cross-country road trip! May will be here in no time. It must be nice having an auto tech in the family. I need to start looking for a new car too. Mines is 12 years old already, and I have a car-break-down-on-the-freeway phobia.