Monday, March 16, 2009

Malasadas from L&L Hawaiian BBQ

After church on Sundays we always go out for lunch. Joyce and George gave us gift cards for The Olive Garden so we decided to go there. Afterwards, Gerry wanted to stop at Whole Foods and then Frys. Frys is a very bad influence, we can't ever get out of there without spending money. When we finally headed home, Gerry stopped at L&L Hawaiian BBQ for some of these. They are called "malasadas" which are Portuguese style donuts. They are rolls of dough that are deep fried and then rolled in sugar. L&L actually rolls them in a combination of sugar and cinnamon. They are ok, however, don't come close to the ones that Leonard's Bakery in Kapahulu (Honolulu) makes. Leonard's has been in business for as long as I can remember and growing up, on Saturday mornings, my daddy would go get some fresh, hot malasadas for breakfast. Yum, yum!!!

They are also addicting. Gerry loves them. There are 10 in an order. I noticed today at lunch that five of them had been eaten between the time we got home and the time I had one at lunch time. I didn't have any last night so Gerry was enjoying himself with the malasadas!!

I have seen recipes where you can make them by using Pillsbury biscuits that come in the cans. You cut the dough in half, deep fry them and roll them in sugar while still hot. I haven't tried doing that, somehow it just doesn't sound right.

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  1. The malasadas do look yummy, Betty. I never really thought to make them myself, but you're right Pillsbury biscuits just don't seem quite right.