Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hawaiian Style Grill

When we got our van last week, there was one key and clicker for it. One of the employees found another clicker and another key was ordered. This morning we had an appointment to go down and get the ordered key cut and programed. Our appointment was for 10:30 am, we got there about 10:10 am. They took the van in right away, however, the person who had to work on the van, had another vehicle ahead of us. And the equipment they use to program the key had to be booted up, etc so it took longer than we anticipated. It was about 12:45 pm before we left the dealership.

The van had bugs all over the front of it from our Saturday drive and then Sunday it rained so we were going to run it through the car wash before we left there. The dealership has a quick wash on its premises. Well, they ran it through the car wash for us. I think they vacummed inside too. So that was very nice.

We were hungry so we drove up to the next exit, Laguna Blvd, (the Elk Grove Auto Mall is off of Elk Grove Blvd) and went to the Hawaiian Style Grill for lunch. It is like an L&L restaurant. It is owned by two guys who are from Waipahu, a town outside of Honolulu. Several people there were eating saimin, that looked good, so Gerry and I both had it. Gerry got his with spam, mine was plain and then I ordered a Spam Musubi. For those that don't know, saimin is a noodle soup dish. Back home just about every restaurant, including fast food places, have saimin on its menu. The Hawaiian Style Grill makes it like its made back home. There are strips of scrambled egg, chopped green onion and slices of kamabuko (or fish cake) on top of it. Gerry's had strips of grilled spam on top. A Spam Musubi is a block of rice, some sauce on top of the rice then a slice of grilled spam on top of that and all wrapped with a strip of black seaweed or nori. It is something else that can be found most anywhere in Hawaii including the 7-11's.

L&L has spam musubi and saimin on their menus too. You can't get the saimin plain and the spam saimin has a slice of spam on top of the noodles. I don't like it that way.

After a stop at Bel Air for a few groceries, we were home about 3:30 pm. I am making another of my favorite meals for dinner. I will tell you about it later.

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