Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Car Shopping Mission Accomplished

We now have a Nissan Quest mini-van sitting in our carport. We got it yesterday afternoon at Elk Grove Nissan. It is a used 2008 with 18k miles on it. The color is Pearl White, it has little specks in the paint that make it look shimmery. It has a light gray interior. Very nice looking vehicle, looks like brand new. No scratches or dings in it that I saw. Gerry said there are a couple really tiny scratches.

Monday we looked at a couple of Toyota Siennas that the Roseville Hertz Resale lot had. That's where we bought our Ford Taurus wagon from in 2002. They were both base models so didn't have the power rear hatch door. That was one of the musts.

Gerry needed to go down to a bike shop in Elk Grove where he bought some parts for one of his bikes. The part didn't work so he wanted to take it back. Before we left, he looked on the Internet to see if the Elk Grove Nissan dealer had any vans on the lot. They had 2 used ones. So after we ate lunch and went to the bike shop, we drove over to the dealer. They only had one left, the other one had been sold that morning.

I hadn't driven the ones we looked at on Saturday so Gerry wanted me to drive this one. It handles very nicely and comfortable to drive. Gerry drove it too.

It has the power driver's seat, power side doors and the rear hatch door is also power. Those features were must haves. We wanted the dual a/c and heat controls and the auto temp setting of the interior too, however, those features come on the more expensive models. This one is an "S" which is just above the base model.

Anyway, the whole process went very smooth. There was no haggling, everything was approved rather quickly, they washed it and even put a half tank of gas in it. After we left the bike shop, Gerry had stopped and filled up the wagon and showed the salesman the receipt.

I need to go take a picture of it soon as I get dressed. I'll post it later.

Our trip in May across country will be much more comfortable in the van than it would have been in the wagon.

So anyway, I am glad the car shopping is over with. We had looked at so many it was getting rather confusing.


  1. If I was going to get a van I would get the Quest...I really like them!

  2. Thank you, Jalna. Everyone should have a friend like you!! :)

  3. Honey (Denise), you will have to drive it when we get there. I drove it to the store this morning, it's very comfortable and I was able to reach the pedals without having the steering wheel right on top of me.