Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disneyland - 11/25/11 - Part I

There are over 200 pictures of our trip to Disneyland...some of them I took, the majority were taken by Joyce. I am not going to post all of them...I chose some to post and will do it over 2 or 3 posts. We had such a good time!! Granddad and Katie...we are at the entrance to the park waiting for Joyce to come back with our passes.

Emma, Katie and Granddad.

Waiting for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It has been completely remodeled.

Walt Disney and Mickey.

Sleeping Beauty's castle.

One of several pictures we took with the girls.

Riding the Winnie the Pooh ride...Granddad with Emma.

Having lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The girls got a giant cookie for dessert.

On the river boat going past Tom Sawyer's Island.

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