Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Lunch at Awful Annie's in Lincoln

We drove out to Awful Annie's in Lincoln after church for lunch. Lincoln is about 21 miles away. It is located on Highway 65 which is G Street through the town. Highway 65 is off of I-80 and merges into Highway 70 on the way to Marysville in Yuba County.

Awful Annie's serves breakfast and lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Annie opened her first restaurant in Old Town Auburn off of I-80. She was at the Lincoln restaurant today. The front of the menu.
Some of the weekend specials. I was thinking about having the Prosciutto Frittata.
Gerry had a Mex Chili Scramble with potatoes which are very good. He said there were vegetables inside of the scramble.
Cholula, his favorite restaurant hot sauce. More restaurants are offering it now. It use to be he had to settle for Tabisco sauce which is not really the same.
We both had biscuits served with soft butter and raspberry jam which is homemade. Gerry always brings his biscuit home. I devoured mine. :))
I had a Creamy Scramble which had chicken apple sausage, green onion and cream cheese melted through the scramble. I decided to be good and have fresh fruit. The scramble was very good although very rich. I couldn't finish it all. Surprisely the pineapple was very sweet, the watermellon was good, the cantaloupe wasn't quite ripe.
The food at both restaurants is very good. If we eat at the Auburn restaurant we sit out on a covered porch. It overlooks Old Town and there is a beautiful view of the old courthouse.
We came home and relaxed the rest of the afternoon.
We have a couple of Avon boxes full of old cassettes stored in the spare bedroom. Gerry got down one of the boxes and I've been playing some of them. We have a unit that will play records, CD's and cassettes. Records and cassettes can be put on CD's. Gerry told me I need to do that with the cassettes and finish putting the rest of records on CD's. I put some records on CD's some time ago. It is time consuming to do that and there's no good place to set the unit up where it can be left set up. We have another stereo unit that we actually play our music on which is situated in our entertainment center.
I am going to get my pictures from the card swap up on my card blog now.


  1. Your Mexian food always looks waaaay better than what we got here. Is Creamy Scramble a normal menu item? I never heard of it.

  2. Yeah, it is. All of their dishes are very unusual. The next time we go, I will try to take pictures of some of the items on the menu. There are a ton of omelets, scrambles, pancakes and waffles and a wide assortment of sandwiches.